Videos of Gutter Guards

GutterBrush Video Listing by Subject

See  actual GutterBrush out in the gutter after YEARS, click below


"Today's Homeowner" Television Show GutterBrush Demonstration 

What Is GutterBrush  (32 sec.)  

How GutterBrush Works (34 sec).

More on What is GutterBrush (2)   

What Type of Gutter Do I Have?   (Helps with how to measure for Gutterbrush)

Will GB work with my roof?  (gutter guards affect the roof warranty)

How Does GutterBrush Work with Small Debris Like Pine Needles and Maple Helicopter Whirly Birds?

Best Winter Gutter Guard  decrease gutter icing and winter clogs

See GutterBrush After 2.5 yrs. Out In The Gutter - Actual video from the ladder 2.5 years later.

See GutterBrush After 4 Years Out in the Gutter -  also shows how to maintain Gutterbrush

GutterBrush Time Lapse Performance out in the Gutter - camera perched in a tree, sped up through fall months shows GutterBrush, leaves, and snow over multiple weeks.

Metal Building Gutter Guard - explains unique steel building gutters and how GutterBrush solves.

Gutters on Patio Rooms, Carports, Sunrooms, Lanais - nothing else fits or works

Avoid Expensive "In-The-Ground" Storm Drain Pipe Clogs  - to avoid the expense of having to dig them up due to debris clogging.

The Problem with Gutter Strainers and Wire Baskets 

Gutter Screens, &  Covers Cause Water to Miss the Gutter - Beware the biggest problem with gutter guards.

Gutter Screens, Covers and a Simple Solution  -  Learn about competing gutter guards on the market: performance and potential pitfalls.

See How it Only Takes Small Amounts of Debris to Clog Your Gutter

Gutter Guards Can Damage Your Roof and Void the Warranty

Avoid Gutter Ice Dams - Learn about proper roofing and the balance of insulation and ventilation necessary to solve roof and gutter ice problems.

Metal Gutter Guards are the First to Freeze - re:  northern climates 

5 Reasons Chimneys Leak - informative

How To Install a Bulletproof roof - informative

Live TV Interview on "We are Iowa" Morning show - "We Are Iowa" showcasing GutterBrush on national TV.