GutterBrush is the best gutter guard to decrease gutter ice in winter and cold climates

  • Providing a protected water flow channel from gutter outlet to outlet.
  • Stopping Gutter Snow and Slush Clogs
  • Faster gutter ice melting, black bristles absorb sun’s warmth
  • NOT “First to Freeze” like metal gutter guards that promote ice.
  • Shape is not a cover, doesn’t block water entry into the gutter.
  • Heated Gutter Guards, Combine with Gutter & Roof De-Icing Cable kits
  • Doesn’t touch or affect roofing

Gutter covers and screens or gutter mesh that are made of metal, are the “first to freeze” area, so when they freeze early, they become a solid cover blocking entry to the gutter.  GutterBrush plastic is not the first area to freeze, and the shape of GutterBrush is not a cover which makes it the best winter gutter guard. Read below to learn more about these winter leaf guard features.

GutterBrush Gutter Guard Decreases Gutter Ice Due to Improved Exit Drainage

GutterBrush is the one of the Best Gutter Guards For Winter, because during winter in northern climates, gutter drainage is regularly blocked by ice and snow causing the gutter to fill entirely to the top with rain or melting water,  pour over the outer edge, only to freeze into a full solid block of ice that night when the temperature drops.  Just as leaves and tree detritus clog gutters, so does snow and slush.  Obviously, snow can completely fill an entire unprotected gutter; snow causes gutter clogging too. As melting or rain begins to flow, the water can not exit the snow clogged outlet tubes fast enough causing the gutter to fill and spill over.  However, with GutterBrush in place, snow and slush sits predominantly on top of the GutterBrush leaving the lower portion of the brush open and ready for water flow, so when melting and rain begins, the water has a protected area to travel to the gutter outlet tube and down the downspout or leader pipe.  The presence of GutterBrush protects and provides an improved flow area or channel so that volumes of water can exit properly.  GutterBrush customers previously faced with winter gutter ice and icicle problems, praise GutterBrush for a welcome decrease. To learn more and see pictures, click here to read our blog article  Improve Winter Gutter Performance, Decrease Ice Issues with GutterBrush .

Black Color of Bristles Absorbs Sun’s Warmth for Gutter Guard Melting.

GutterBrush bristles are black and black items absorb the maximum warmth when exposed to the sun’s direct rays.  Bristles protrude through the gutter and upward  through the ice and snow to gather more melting power than if absent. When the sun shines, the more black exposed surface area, the faster the gutter ice melting occurs.

Bristles: Plastic Doesn’t Promote Gutter Guard Ice Like Metal

One characteristic of metal, is that it is thermally conductive.  In other words, cold travels through and changes metal’s temperature fastest.  Therefore, when the temperature begins to drop below freezing, the first items to freeze are metal.  Ice forms first on the coldest item, and metal gutter screens and metal gutter guard openings freeze over well before the roof does, blocking entry to the gutter.  GutterBrush bristles are plastic and are not thermally conductive like metal, therefore they do not freeze or promote the formation of ice the way metal devices do.  To learn more about metal devices and ice formation, click here to read a blog article

Leaf Guard Compatible with Gutter De-Icing Heating Cables and Tapes

Combine with GutterBrush for a heated gutter guard.  The simplicity of GutterBrush being installed with no tools and no fasteners,  makes it a perfect companion for ice melting electric roof cable kits and heat wires or electric heat melting tapes. GutterBrush has no adverse reaction when exposed to the properly functioning gutter ice melting devices and the bristles do not melt, augment, or even heat up to any dangerous temperature.  Flexible bristles do not restrict the location of wires providing gutter installation ease.  Customers often explain how they were able to mingle the two in a very effective manner with no complications or added labor; making the two a logical match.  Use our heated leaf guards for problem winter gutter ice areas. 

GutterBrush Does Not Touch or Affect Roofing

GutterBrush is located within the gutter.  Unlike other gutter guard screens, gutter mesh, and gutter covers, it does not touch the roof or affect the roof’s performance or warranty.   Roof ice problems, backups and ice dams are caused by combinations of inadequate roof or attic insulation and heat loss combined with inadequate roof and soffit ventilation.  These conditions can be further exacerbated by gutter leafguards that interfere with the roof and promote the formation of ice by decreasing slope and adding a “first to freeze” plane.  Some leaf guard gutter covers actually direct the ice to backup over the fascia board.  GutterBrush does not interfere, touch or affect the roof and is not thermally conductive like metal. Feel free to call us to speak to an experienced professional about roof ice back-ups and their causes.

GutterBrush Gutter Guard Shape is Not a Cover 

Some ask " Should I remove gutter guards in the winter? ".  No need to remove your gutter guard if it is Gutterbrush.  GutterBrush doesn’t block rain or melting water’s entry into the gutter because GutterBrush exists down within the gutter.   Other devices such as gutter screen, gutter micromesh and covers, actually enclose the gutter and their shape or “plane” is linear which terminates at the outer edge of the gutter, therefore when they close up due to frost, ice or debris, they become a water ramp directing the water to skip past as if the gutter didn’t exist at all.   GutterBrush is not “planar” or linear and it does not terminate at the outer front gutter edge, so it does not cause water to overshoot the gutter.  The bristles extend to draw rain water into the gutter.  The water naturally follows the direction of the bristles into the gutter.  Gutterbrush accepts water better than any other gutter guard by drawing water into the gutter.  GutterBrush sits down in the gutter and is composed of plastic so it doesn't freeze first, but even if completely frozen, it’s design would not cause water to skip past; it would not block water from entering the gutter due to its shape and location.