Gutter Leaf Guard by GutterBrush - Family owned business founded by father/son Bob & Randy Schreiber since 2004!

"What A Clever Gutter Filter!" We often hear..."How'd you come up with the idea?"
So here you go... "Once Upon A Time"...

1980 - Regular Gutter Cleaning - No Gutter Guards

A Cabin In the Woods with Gutters

Like many classic tales this too starts with a cabin in the woods. For more than 30 years, Bob Schreiber has enjoyed vacations, hunting and fishing with family and friends at his cabin tucked away in the Allegheny National Forest of Western Pennsylvania. The cabin is nestled under a thick canopy of debris shedding trees and the never ending need to clean out the gutters was always high on the list of chores to be done.

1990 - Gutter Guard Mistake

Hmmm...This Looks Useful

One year Bob came across an old twisted brush in a storage area and he thought that it may come in handy during the tedious task of gutter cleaning. We think it was an old chimney sweep brush. As luck would have it, the brush was accidentally left in the gutter where it remained until the next cabin visit about 6-8 months later.

1991 - Brush Gutter Guards Really Work!

Accidents Happen.. Sometimes Good Ones!

Gutter cleaning was back on the 'To Do List' for the next cabin visit, and the gutters were loaded with leaves, acorns, pine needles, etc... But look at that!? A small area where the old brush still rested was remarkably clear from debris! As the saying goes... An idea was born!

2000 - Preventing Clogged Gutters

Testing Gutter Guard Performance

During the next few years the concept of filling the entire gutter channel with a cylinder shaped brush was explored and tested to see if this simple idea might solve the problem of clogged gutters and reduce gutter cleaning. The results were incredibly favorable and the "eureka" moment was confirmed as a simple, effective solution to an age old problem. No more clogged gutters.

2004 - A New Gutter Guard Solution

GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard Introduced

In May of 2004 "GutterBrush" was first introduced to the public primarily through a grassroots effort in both Ohio and Rhode Island. The reception was overwhelmingly positive and many a time we heard, "What a great, simple idea... why didn't I think of that?"

2005 - Gutter Leaf Guard For Anyone

An Affordable Solution to Clogged Gutters

During the first 2 years, GutterBrush was primarily a gutterguard bought by homeowners, and earned praise as a great alternative for DIY homeowners who were frustrated by the high cost or disappointing performance experienced from other gutter guard systems such as screens and covers. GutterBrush continued to earn loyal, happy customers while word of mouth marketing and strong customer referrals helped to spread the news and introduce GutterBrush to an ever growing market!

2006 - GutterBrush Recommended By Experts

Discovered by Home Improvement Experts

Our Gutter leaf guard GutterBrush also gained exposure and recognition from numerous respected experts in the home improvement industry: Gary Sullivan, The Carey Brothers, Glenn Haege, the Money Pit all embraced Gutter Brush as a simple, affordable, and effective solution to clogged gutters. HGTV (Home & Garden television) heard about GutterBrush and contacted us to request a sample to test: Shortly after the test, Gutterbrush was featured on HGTV's "I Want That!" television program showcasing innovative home products.

2007 - Contractor Friendly Gutter Guard

Contractors & Home Service Professionals Join the Fan Club

Slowly, word began to build in the gutter guard contractor community about this strange brush that filled the gutter and prevented leaves and debris from entering. Calls started coming in from roofing contractors, siding & window installers, chimney sweeps, painters, and other home service professionals asking about installer programs and pricing. GutterBrush established a discounted contractor / partner pricing program and marketing support materials to help contractors easily and profitably add GutterBrush to their bossinesses. Contractors report that they love the simplicity and performance of GutterBrush primarily because nothing is fastened to the gutters or slid under the roof shingles. They also tell us that they prefer our gutter guard system because it can be installed or removed quickly and easily if any gutter cleaning or maintenance is required.

2008 - Gutter Guards Canada

GutterBrush Goes International

Gutter Guard in Canada: GutterBrush gained its first significant retail presence in Canada through Lee Valley Tools. GutterBrush is featured in the Summer 2008 edition of Metal Roofing Magazines Gutter opportunities and is also covered in the New York times as a simple, effective gutter protection system. GutterBrush expands national media exposure, contractor sales, and distribution through Building Suppliers and retail outlets. GutterBrush partners with SiriusXM satellite radio to increase the awareness of GutterBrush across the US.

2010 - Gutter Guard for the Money

Must Make Financial Sense

Simple Gutter Guard, GutterBrush is featured in Money magazine "Seasonal guide to home maintenance."

GutterBrush is available at over 4000 Do it Best Corp. member stores and wins Gold at the 2010 NRHA Packaging and Merchandising Awards.

2015 - Gutter Guard at Ace Hardware

Ace is the Place!

Gutter Opportunities / Metal roofing Magazine names GutterBrush gutter Guard one of the Top 5 products of 2015!

GutterBrush expands its national presence and distribution by becoming an authorized product and Vendor to Ace Hardware.

2019 - Gutter Guards at Home Depot

How Doers Get More Gutter Work Done

GutterBrush Simple Gutter guards are now available nationally through trusted leading home improvement retailer Home Depot. (Available online at Hopefully soon to be on shelves at a store near you!

2004 - Today Simple Gutter Leaf Filters

Dedicated to Providing the Best, Simple, Affordable Solution to Keep your Gutters Flowing.

Our Gutter Guard Products: We are proud of the products we produce and we appreciate all of the great support we have received from customers, trade partners, suppliers and our amazing team that handles manufacturing, distribution, customer service, sales and marketing. Our awesome GutterBrush Warehouse & Fulfillment team manages inventory, packages, pallets, trucks and shipments to ensure that GutterBrush is ready when you need it!