Cold Climate Winter Gutter Guard

Winter Gutter Guard Decreases Snow Clogs and Gutter Ice


 Best Winter Gutter Guard, Best Gutter Guard for Ice

Video Title:  GutterBrush Winter Benefits: Decreased Gutter Ice and Icicles, Better Flow:

Description:   The presence of GutterBrush in the gutter improves winter performance of gutters and decreases ice and icicles by decreasing clogs caused by snow and slush; Gutterbrush decreases winter gutter congestion. The snow predominantly sits on top of the brush, while the flow channel below the brush is open and protected from gutter outlet tube to outlet tube. When melting or rain occurs, the water has room to flow rather than clogging, filling up, pouring over and freezing to a huge block of ice that night.  Snow gutter clogs are the initial cause for gutter ice, and it continues to grow from there.  GutterBrush simple gutter leaf guard decreases snow congestion and snow clogs, so the ice formation does not begin.  GutterBrush decreases cold climate winter gutter ice, when other gutter guards, especially metal gutter guards, make ice and snow conditions worse.

Transcription:  Hi I'm Alex with Gutterbrush here to talk about the winter benefits of Gutterbrush. Here in the Northeast we get a lot of snow. Without Gutterbrush, the unprotected gutter fills up with snow and during melting or raining, that water has no place to go and it flows over the edge of the gutter it turns into a solid block of ice when it when it freezes that night. With the presence of Gutterbrush, the snow sits on top of the brush. The brush is a protected flow channel, so the water has a place to flow. The melting and raining water flows underneath the Gutterbrush and out so it doesn't turn into that solid block of ice, and actually, day by day, it gets better day by day and the the presence of the bristles accepts the warmth of the sunlight very well and it aids in the melting process because (the bristles) they're black so they absorb the sunlight very well and they transfer that warmth to the core and melt the gutter better.  Thanks

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