How our Leaf Guard Works, Cant Clump Flow & Clog Gutters

How our Leaf Guard Works Video

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Video Title, Description and Transcript Below

Video Title - How GutterBrush Works, Debris Can't Clump or Flow

Description: Debris enters all gutter guard devices. With GutterBrush, debris can't clump together, flow down the gutter & get hung up creating a dam. GutterBrush keeps gutters flowing.

Transcription:  HI,  this is Alex with Gutterbrush, here to explain how Gutterbrush stops the gutter from clogging. People explain ( ask ) " isn't debris going to get stuck in the brush?"  Well to some degree it is, but that debris can no longer clump together, flow down the gutter and get hung up.  Without Gutterbrush, the debris gets hung up on more debris and more debris; it gets larger and it turns into a clog.  However, While GutterBrush is in place, that debris is suspended in the brush and the gutter continues to flow.  No more clumping and flowing and no more gutter clogs.

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