Gutter Guard Stops Ground Storm Drainage Pipe Clogs

Gutter Guard For In-Ground Drain Pipe Clogs

Video Title: Avoid Expensive Storm Drainage Clogs


 Description:  The video explains how to keep gutter leaves and debris from clogging downspouts and buried in ground storm drainage pipes. Wire basket gutter strainers are commonly used for this purpose but they are small with very little surface area so they clog quickly and require frequent maintenance. To avoid expensive in-ground drain pipe clogs, fill the entire gutter from end to end with GutterBrush laying the GutterBrush right over the outlet tube to keep debris from entering the outlet tube. GutterBrush decreases gutter and drainage maintenance.

Transcription:  Hi,  my name is Alex with Gutterbrush.   I'm here to tell you how to use gutter brush to keep debris out of in-ground storm drainage.   If your in ground storm drainage pipes clog up, it can be extremely expensive. You don't want to have to dig them all up and re-pipe them, so you can use GutterBrush to keep them clear.  Now usually, people will start by trying to keep debris out of the downspouts with an item like this; a simple gutter strainer (gutter basket) that will keep the debris out of the downspouts,  but there's hardly any surface area, so if you install this over your downspouts ( and outlet tubes) you're going to have a maintenance nightmare. You're going to have to go up (the ladder) there constantly when this clogs.  A better solution is to fill your entire gutter with GutterBrush from end to end. Install the Gutterbrush right over the outlet tubes. It will keep debris out of the downspouts and out of the outlet tubes. It will keep your gutter from clogging, and your storm drains (in ground drainage pipes) won't clog either.  That's how you save money from having expensive repairs. I'm Alex with GutterBrush, thanks for taking a look.