Pest and Bird Barrier for Gutters - Other Uses for GutterBrush

GutterBrush is a barrier against birds.  5 different sizes are creatively used to keep birds and pigeons out of gutters, from nesting behind shutters and other bird nesting nuisance areas.  Click here to see products recommended to keep birds, bats and pests out of your gutters.  With most crevasses and underneath roof top solar panels and under decks, GutterBrush can be pressure fit to enclose the area and even allow air and water to flow through.

Let us know if you need a custom diameter brush to fill a certain space, and we can quote the cost with minimum custom orders of 150 linear feet.

Recent customer uses sited below.

Nests in the gutter; Starling Nuisance horror:

GutterBrush customer Greg D. from Indiana explained that his issues were not gutter clogging leaves, rather they were Starlings searching for  a better life but ignorantly finding a torturous horror instead. Filling the gutter from end to end with GutterBrush, was an easy way to solve the messy smelly and dirty gutter problems caused by flocks of starlings and doves.  These small birds have decided that building nests in the gutter outlet tubes would be beneficial.  These crafty little birds pull the gutter wire basket strainers out of the gutter outlets, so they can enter and build their nests inside the downspout. They proceed to fill the outlet with soy bean stems, but the newly built mama bird nest are not secured so they begin to slide deeper and deeper down the downspout.  Eventually the nest slides so deep, that the birds become trapped and can not open their wings to escape.  The starlings eventually drown inside the gutter leader pipe, causing not only a clog but also a smelly packed dirty dead bird gutter clogging mess.   Perhaps they are attempting to protect tier eggs from predators when they sadly choose the gutter downspout as a nesting place? Greg had considered a helmet style gutter protection device, but knowing that they create dry shelter, he knew that type of gutter protection would only make the bird problem worse. GutterBrush could be commended by PETA and the ASPCA for protecting starlings against a fate worse than death.

Birds in the metal building gutter: 100,000 Blackbirds in gutter:

Birds do not like to land on the spines of the GutterBrush bristles and the brush also fills the gutter area..  Recently a customer explained that annually, blackbirds come and overwhelm their barn gutters making a mess!  She explained that they fill the sky with a swarm or flock of hundreds of thousands and for some reason they chose her metal building barn gutters to enjoy.  She used GutterBrush and said bye bye black bird.

Gutter Guard for Birds bathing in the standing water in the gutter 

One customer explained that the gutter above her front door holds a puddle of water.  The gutter doesn't leak so she didn't want to replace or repair it, but the birds would visit to swim and clean off in the gutter standing water making a mess dropping feathers and bird guano all over her front steps.  She used GutterBrush to keep the birds out of the gutter; they could no longer access the standing water.

Stop Bird Nesting Problem behind shutters:

Home Owner's Association with multiple buildings having shutters up against the stone face of the home; the stoner face was uneven therefore having gaps where the shutter meets the building where birds plentifully enjoyed nesting in the shelter behind the shutters. GutterBrush was used to close the gaps and keep the birds out (after they were removed ....yuk)

Stop Bats: Bat Problem at gap between outdoor deck plate and wall:

From underneath the deck, GutterBrush can be pressure fit to keep bats and birds from nesting and living in that trouble spot space where the deck attaches to the wall.

Customer Message / Photo: 

"For two years we have had a bat living in an alcove above our front door.  We tried all sorts of sprays, etc, to get rid of him and nothing worked.  We had an 18" section of brush left over so we attached it to the wall where the bat had been hanging. We have not seen him since!"

Gutter Guard for Hornets and Bees: A Bee Barrier

Beware, typical gutter guards, gutter helmet style devices and gutter covers, provide beautiful dry shelter for bees wasps and other animals.  When GutterBrush is used in the gutters, you do not have that pest problem because there is no shelter from the rain.

Debris Guard: Debris Barrier at Stadiums, Arenas and public facilities

An athletic stadium had the problem that upper deck balconies debris was falling through a crack and down on the spectators below.   Cups, hot dog wrappers napkin etc would blow or otherwise fall through the crack in the balcony railing so GutterBrush was  quickly and easily fit to stop the debris.

Pigeon Guard : Bridge Pigeon Problem in the I-Beams

In a well known landmark bridge pigeon were nesting and of course hanging out creating a dirty mess of pigeon guano and basically being a pigeon nuisance.  GutterBrush fit great within the structural steel I beam to keep the pests off the I beam ledge.  We were told that the pigeons found a nice new home elsewhere...phew!

Gutter Leaf Guard for Rain Barrel & Pre-Filter for Rain Water Harvesting: 

Rain Water is conserved for various reasons including drinking, flushing toilets & washing clothes.  Roofs gutters and downspouts are often used to catch and carry rain to water collection systems such as rain barrels, cisterns and water tanks.  GutterBrush is used as a filter or pre-filter to keep the conserved water cleaner and also used to decrease maintenance required to keep these water transport systems flowing properly.  Without GutterBrush in the gutter, the downspout filters regularly and often clog with leaves and twigs and stop the flow of water into the containment tank resulting in a missed rainfall opportunity.  With GutterBrush in place, more water can be caught and contained between filter maintenance. Without GutterBrush in place,  the downspout filter clogs quickly and often and causes the downspout to overflow sending the water elsewhere, which could be problematic, causing erosion, foundation damage and water in the basement.  Click here to learn more about rain water harvesting and solutions to keep the water flowing cleaner.

Gutter Guard  for Animals clogging downspouts, noisy downspouts

Customers explain that all sorts of animals and pests actually like to climb up the downspout starting at the elbow at the bottom.   Stories of squirrels, mice, rats and even snakes have been stopped from entering the downspout by a piece of GutterBrush inserted into the open downspout end at the ground.  This may become a maintenance item but at least it can be solved without a ladder.

Leaf Guard for Rooftop Solar Panels to prevent nesting and leaf buildup under panels.

Water needs to flow beneath rooftop solar panels and critters, pigeons, leaves and debris can cause buildup under the solar panels.  When leaves buildup filling the gap between the roof and the solar panels, the apparatus can heat up causing damage.  The challenge is that the rain water must flow freely underneath the panels and any stoppage of water by debris or other means can cause a water backup and  roof leakage from nails and or roof shingle or roof tile joints.   Chicken wire, mesh and wide open screens can be used as a barrier to  animals and debris, while allowing water uninhibited flow, however they require fastening into the roof and into the solar array which can cause damage and leakage.  GutterBrush can be installed fast and easy to keep pests and leaves from building up while allowing water to flow through and since there are no fasteners needed in a pressure fit application, maintenance is a snap!

Roof Ventilation gap filler allows air movement in cathedral ceiling

A slate roof was installed and due to the cathedral ceiling area, a gap was left open intentionally between the roof and the trim.  In this case, the gap was left because the great room area open cathedral ceiling insulated structure left no space for air movement.  Roof ventilation requires air entrance, movement and exit and the cathedral structure was blocking air movement, thus the roofer added air movement within the roof above the original roof board by running 3/3" ferring strips and installing another layer of roof plywood and then installing the slate roof.   The process requires air entrance at the gap between the trim and the slate roof and GutterBrush filled that gap with a pressure fit keeping bats, and insects out while allowing air to flow through.

Rain Storm Water Runoff Pollutant Management: 

GutterBrush can be used to keep trash and debris from entering street gutter curb sewers while allowing water to run through.   Sewers handle storm water run off, with the problem being that the storm water eventually ends up in  rivers, streams,  bays, inlets, creeks, estuaries and other waterways.  In one particular case, a town was holding a concert event which would attract a high volume of concert goers.   When they went to pull the town permit for the event, they were required to present a temporary storm water pollutant management plan.   Officials were concerned that if there were heavy rain during the concert, paper cups, paper plates, napkins and other debris would be washed into the street sewers adding pollution to the local waterway.   As a temporary measure, their plan was approved to utilize lengths of GutterBrush across the sewer openings; used as a storm water curb guard insert which would block and filter-out trash while the clean stormwater was able to flow through.

Gutter Leaf Guard for Mosquito Control in Gutters:

Last week a Gutter Brush gutter leaf guard customer explained he was buying to install his own gutter guards to keep his gutter from clogging and filling up with water which breeds mosquito larva. By keeping his gutter from clogging and always being able to flow, he will eliminate standing water in the gutter which will decrease the mosquito problem.