Small Debris Could Clog Your Gutter Video

Video Title: Why Small Amounts of Debris Will Clog Your Gutter

Description:  The video shows actual gutter clogging conditions and explains the phenomenon that small amounts of even small sized gutter leaves debris can clog gutters because heavy rain creates a large rush of water which causes all of the smaller debris to clump together into a larger plug that flows down the gutter and wedges into the outlet tube and causes a clog and gutter overflow.  With GutterBrush protecting the gutter, such a gutter clog could not occur. 

Video Transcription: 

So here it is August 23rd, Last night it absolutely poured (rain) and my back (rear)  gutter clogged up.  Now what is amazing is that there is hardly any debris in the gutter.   This gutter does not collect much debris,  and usually it flows through.   But there is just a handful of debris in the gutter and you can see that what it did (when it rained)  it clumped together, flowed to the outlet tube; and even though it is just a small amount (of gutter debris), the gutter is completely clogged; and it poured over and soaked the side of the building!  So with GutterBrush (installed inside the gutter) the debris can not clump and flow; and that small amount of debris could not clog the gutter.    So I threw that debris down and all it was, was one and a half handfuls and it is all small debris.    All of those items could have flowed through on their own but it is that just an amazing thing (phenomenon)  that the rush of (rain ) water brings the small debris, causes it to clump together and turns it into a large plug that clogs the gutter.  It is amazing that any one of those pieces would have flowed through on their own.   And so GutterBrush would have kept this gutter from clogging.   Thank You!.