Gutter Guard Cleaning 4 Years Later

Gutter Guard Cleaning After 4 Years

Gutter Guard Cleaning video shows gutter guard cleaning, maintenance and renewal 4.25 years after initial gutter guard installation.

GutterBrush Gutter Guard Cleaning Results Video:

Click the above picture to watch the 4 minute gutter guard cleaning video.

How to Clean Gutters With Gutter Guards


For a much longer uncut version of the above video of gutter guard cleaning 4.25 years after gutter guard installation,  which includes more gutter guard commentary, details, ladder moving and ground work. Click for a 14 minute version of gutter guard cleaning video

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Gutter Guard Cleaning Video Transcription:

Hello my name is Alex.  Welcome to our Gutterbrush leaf guard video. Today is December 23rd the year 2021, and we are maintaining Gutterbrush after about 4.25 or 4.5 years. (installed 4.25 years ago). The gutters have continued to flow for 4.25 to 4.5 years, so we're going to pull the brush guards out, perform gutter guard cleaning, clean them out, clean the gutters, and put them back. You can see our tree line.  Very tall trees.  I think those might be locust trees,  next door trees,  and  across the street trees.  I'm gonna climb the ladder and get started (on the gutter guard cleaning and maintenance). GutterBrush after four; i'd say 4.25 maybe 4.5 years. The gutters are flowing just fine. I see a lot of helicopter seeds stuck in the brush,  and after four and a half years the bristles are still as flexible as they were when it was brand new.  I believe it was installed in about June of 2017.  I'm going to pull the brush gutter guard out, bang it on a hard surface, clean the gutter,  and put it back in.  I'm going to pull it out.  Normally I wouldn't bang it on the roof because I don't want the debris to go back into the gutter.  What I could do is; again i'm only one-handed because I am creating the leaf guard video with the other hand, but i can bang it in my bucket or i can bang it on a hard surface and the debris will pop out. This is how we perform gutter guard cleaning with Gutter Brush, Then I will put it back in.  This happens to be a dry day. If it were a wet day,  I would lay a towel or a piece of plastic sheeting over the Gutterbrush when I pull it out; so that I don't get spattered with debris (on a wet day). One handed I will slide this out.  I could shake it all out, There are not a lot of big trees right up next to the house, but there are very very tall trees on the other side of the street. Big trees shed a lot of leaves and they blow over here.   In this case the gutter is still flowing.  The gutter doesn't really need the maintenance in this case because it is flowing fine, but at 4.5 years since initial gutter guard installation; why not?  If it were more debris and more trees up close to the house, required gutter maintenance would be more frequent than 4.5 years.  It depends on an awful lot of factors,  when maintenance is necessary.    So what i'm doing is pulling the brushes out and throwing them to the ground.  I will put them back in tomorrow.   In this case everything  (the gutter debris) is very dry and  very contained.  The debris is a little bit fly-away.  So I will pull one out; one-handed, not too bad one-handed (because i need to hold the video with the other hand).  I will loosen it up, pull it out and you'll see how much debris is in the gutter guard brush. When I bang this on a hard surface the debris all drops out.  In this case, I'm throwing it to the ground. If it were a wet day, that would be muck.  This is after four and a half years,  the gutter never clogged. But if it were a wet day, this would all be mucky. Again I would be keeping control of the spatter.  It's pretty easy to do.  So this is all dry.   I will  pull this brush guard out.  It was going to run into the ladder so I bent it by the ladder.   Here it is, one handed. (holding the video with the other hand). Other homes can certainly require maintenance more frequently than this one.  In real high debris areas, some people are actually very happy to only have to perform maintenance and gutter guard cleaning once per year.  They go from a situation where they previously had to clean their gutters six or seven times per year and they were still overflowing regularly and having problems.  So they will install Gutterbrush and they'll have to perform maintenance once a year but they'll be very happy with that.   We have already pulled them out and cleaned the gutter. We threw the gutter brush to the ground. I did that single handed. Today I am going to install them single-handed.  What I've devised is, I've got my Gutterbrush phone loops attached to my phone so that I can work on the ladder and do this gutter brush installation.  Okay so we threw the Gutterbrush gutter guards to the ground and i'll bang them out and get some debris out of them.  With GutterBrush gutter guard brush, this is how we perform our gutter guard cleaning. Then I will put them back in. I am going to start off carrying three of them.  This gutter is amazingly strong.  It has way more crossbar gutter hangers than normal.  It is very strong and I can still slide it into the gutter.  I will lay them on the roof.  I happen to go right to left.  I don't know why?  But maybe because I've got the cell phone attached to my left hand.  (jokingly) Look at that.  I will get three brush gutter guards installed, from this ladder position. Oops!  There goes one brush;  I dropped it.  It doesn't matter because I can get the last two from the next position of the ladder anyway.And there you have it, the Gutterbrush re-installation is complete.  So that's our GutterBrush cleaning maintenance video for today.  Visit or call 888-397-9433 This project required maintenance;  uh I should say it didn't really require maintenance,  but we performed the gutter maintenance after 4.25 years. Other homes with trees closer to the home or that have high abundances of leaves and pine needles, could need maintenance certainly in the first year.  Some of those people are extremely happy when they go from cleaning their gutters five or six times per year and having gutter overflow during that year.  They will go to maintaining Gutterbrush once a year performing gutter guard cleaning only once per year, and they'll have flowing gutters all year; and they will be very happy with that.  So uh results are different everywhere,  no two homes are the same.  The gutter height,  the tree line,  the height of the trees, the size of the roof,  the slope of the roof,  the wind patterns; it all makes the gutter maintenance frequency different for every home. But our customers love the product and it keeps the gutter from clogging.  GutterBrush is easy to install and easy to maintain.  Thank You so much for watching. Good bye.