Anyone able to climb a ladder can install GutterBrush. Just slide 3-foot brush sections into your gutters.
That’s it! GutterBrush bristles block debris while allowing water to flow. Prevent clogged gutters today.

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  • Gutter Brush Excellent Adventure

    “The installation was quick and easy. The directions were clear and concise. A wonderful product! Thank you.”

    - scc-8913, Verified Buyer
Gutter Protection Since 2004

GutterBrush Guarantee

The GutterBrush guarantee is among the strongest in the industry. Materials are protected under a 10 year warranty, and if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can return your GutterBrush within 365 days for a full refund.

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Our residential GutterBrushes are available in 3 different sizes. While the 5 inch gutter guard is most popular, and will fit most homes, many newer built homes will require the larger 6 inch gutter guard. (Always double-check the size of your gutters!) The 4 inch gutter guard, our smallest size, is perfect for mobile homes, patio enclosures, and other small gutters.

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Gutterbrush Product Reviews

Because typical gutter screens and covers don't fit large, commercial gutters, we've engineered 7 and 8 inch gutter guards to fill the gap. The 8 inch brush, particularly, has proven a life-saver for those looking to protect gutters on metal and steel buildings.

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Year Round Gutter Protection, Always Clog-Free

Don’t let its simple, bristly appearance fool you – the GutterBrush is an incredibly versatile device. Gutters are infiltrated by more than just leaves, and GutterBrush accounts for and defends against them all. Even in the winter, GutterBrush’s black UV-resistant bristles warm in the sunlight, helping to prevent ice dams, icicles, and snow clogs. Here’s the short list:

Gutterbrush Protection
  • Gutter Brushes Do the Job!

    “After trying some other products, the Gutter Brush is the only one to date that really prevents the gushing of rainwater from heavy storms. All products require you to clean out your gutters periodically. However, the Gutter Brush makes it very easy. Just remove the brush and shake out the debris. They are easy to install and maintain. Need I say more? The brush is a great gutter guard for the price and the company stands behind their products! You’d have to be crazy not to try this as a solution for all your gutter related issues (i.e. - Clogging and Gushing).”

    - Bohill007, Verified Buyer

Size Matters

If you’re unsure about what size GutterBrush you need, you’ll want to start with the size of your gutter. Refer to our easy-to-follow measurement guide below.

Small 4"

4 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits Small 4" Gutters

Mobile Homes, Carports, Sunrooms, Lanais, Awning Gutters

Brush Diameter 3.25"

Approx. Price / Ft. $4.13

Standard 5"

5 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits Standard 5" Gutters

*Most Common* Standard 5" K-Style, Fascia, Ogee, Half Round, Seamless Gutters

Brush Diameter 4.25"

Approx. Price / Ft. $3.80

Best Sellers
Oversize 6"

6 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits Large 6" Gutters

Oversized 6" K-Style, Ogee, 6" Seamless Gutters

Brush Diameter 5.25"

Approx. Price / Ft. $4.98

Commercial 7"

7 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits 7" Commercial Gutters

Large Commercial Gutters - Schools, Churches, Metal Buildings, Super Gutters, Pool Enclosures

Brush Diameter 6.50"

Approx. Price / Ft. $6.36

Industrial 8"

8 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits 8" Commercial Gutters

Largest Gutter Systems - Metal Roof Gutters, Box Gutters, Steel Building Gutters

Brush Diameter 8.00"

Approx. Price / Ft. $7.74

Check Out Our Gutter Measurement Guide

Still unsure? Consider one of our sample packs. Each sample pack gutter guard option – residential or commercial – includes three sizing options so you can determine the exact fit for your gutters, stress and risk-free.

  • “Gutter guards must be complicated to be effective…”

    Not true. With GutterBrush, annoying grate systems, roof interference, and ‘nut and bolt’ hardware installs are a thing of the past.

  • “Gutter guards must cost homeowners thousands of $$$ in materials…”

    Not true. GutterBrush’s elegant simplicity is what makes GutterBrush the most cost-effective gutter guard system on the market.

  • “Gutter guards must cost homeowners thousands of $$$ in professional installation fees…”

    Not true. GutterBrush is made for DIY, so if you do decide to pay someone for help, it won’t require dipping into your child’s college fund.

  • “Well, at least my costly gutter guard install is maintenance-free, right?”

    …Not true. Grate and mesh systems will block debris, but they themselves will clog, and block water from passing through.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at the number below. A human will answer and be happy to help!

Call Us: 888-397-9433
  • Great Customer Service

    “First - the product was easy to install. We selected Gutterbrush to keep birds from nesting in the gutters. They have no chance now! Customer service was great - I called with a quantity questions and real people answer the phone! We had a shipping issue and Gutterbrush instantly handled it (FedEx issue). We could not be more pleased.”

    - BrainyWolf-79890, Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The GutterBrush Gutter Guard System

It's an easy gutter guard! An easier leaf guard for gutters. No fastening required, to avoid clogged gutters, just fill your ENTIRE gutter with 3 ft. lengths of GutterBrush and leave it in the gutter all year, the rain water flows between the bristles.▶ 30 sec. video "What Is GutterBrush".

How does it stop gutter clogging?

Gutter guard brush sections fill the entire gutter preventing gutter leaves and debris from accumulating and blocking gutter flow. Debris can't clump-together and flow to clog the gutter or the downspout, so rain water flows freely between the bristles and out. Click to see a video of how gutter leaves can't clump, flow and clog".

Will gutter leaves and debris get caught in the bristles?

Sure gutter leaves and debris get stuck in the leaf guard bristles, but individual pieces of debris aren't the cause for gutter clogging and gutter overflow. The gutter leaves and debris cant clump together and flow to cause a clogged gutter or downspout, so the gutter continues to flow. See actual GutterBrush after 2.5 years

Won't the bristles fill up and rainwater stop flowing through?

No, not necessarily.  Every home is different, some go many many years without needing maintenance.  The beauty of GutterBrush is that nothing is fastened, so if necessary at some point, just pull them out, bang them out, clean the gutter and reinstall completely renewed.

Can I leave GutterBrush in all year long? Through the winter?

Yes, GutterBrush provides year round gutter protection and even decreases winter gutter ice in northern climates. Leave our brush rain gutter guards in all year! View our gutter guards for winter page.

What's so special about GutterBrush?

Water follows the bristles so it combines abundant water acceptance with simple dop-in, slide-in gutter guard installation and a "crowned" raised bristle profile shape. Unique bristle design allows GutterBrush to be slid under the gutter brackets yet the bristles spring back up creating a "crowned" raised shape to hold gutter debris up higher than the gutter so the wind can blow it off. It's one of the best gutter guards!

What is the most important thing about gutter guards, gutter covers and gutter screens?

Accepting water into the gutter is most important, even new gutter leaf guards are notorious for being a ramp that shoots the fast rain water past the gutter, whether clean or dirty. Eventually, all gutter guards get dirty and require gutter cleaning to flow, but most are fastened covering the gutter and costly to remove to clean.

How long has GutterBrush been around?

GutterBrush first came on the market in 2004. It's been around a while and it is "tried and True" gutter leaf filter that stops gutter clogging; made in the USA!

Do I need to replace my rain gutters and downspouts?

No, you don't need to install new gutters and downspouts, GutterBrush solves gutter clogs and has 5 sizes to install easily into your existing size gutter. It works great in all rain gutters that are properly installed with the right slope and gutter downspouts. Just perform a gutter cleaning and slide it in.

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