Simple Leaf Guards for Gutters

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Ventilation and Gutter Maintenance are top concerns for Metal Buildings and Post Frame / Pole Barns.

Ventilation prevents moisture buildup, mold and regulates temperature and humidity levels inside the building while gutters direct rainwater away from the building, protecting the foundation and siding.

GutterBrush has simple, affordable gutter protection options for these large rain gutter systems.

Post Frame Pole Barn Gutter Guards

Reduce icicles and ice dams in cold winter conditions. GutterBrush bristles prevent ice and snow from blocking downspouts and when exposed to sunlight, the black bristles warm slightly, promoting quicker melting and reduced ice buildup in gutters.

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Our brush guard keeps debris out, while the rain water flows through the bristles.

Gutter leaves and debris can't collect and flow to clog gutters

5 Sizes of Brush Leaf Guards for Gutters

3.25 - 8.00 inch diameter brushes to fit all gutter sizes and shapes.  Our brush gutter guards are packaged in 3 ft. lengths along with two 18 in. pieces to help fill shorter remaining gutter lengths.

Choose Your Gutter Size

Small 4"

4 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits Small 4" Gutters

Mobile Homes, Carports, Sunrooms, Lanais, Awning Gutters

Brush Diameter 3.25"

Approx. Price / Ft. $4.13

Standard 5"

5 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits Standard 5" Gutters

*Most Common* Standard 5" K-Style, Fascia, Ogee, Half Round, Seamless Gutters

Brush Diameter 4.25"

Approx. Price / Ft. $3.80

Best Sellers
Oversize 6"

6 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits Large 6" Gutters

Oversized 6" K-Style, Ogee, 6" Seamless Gutters

Brush Diameter 5.25"

Approx. Price / Ft. $4.98

Commercial 7"

7 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits 7" Commercial Gutters

Large Commercial Gutters - Schools, Churches, Metal Buildings, Super Gutters, Pool Enclosures

Brush Diameter 6.50"

Approx. Price / Ft. $6.36

Industrial 8"

8 Inch Gutter Guard

Fits 8" Commercial Gutters

Largest Gutter Systems - Metal Roof Gutters, Box Gutters, Steel Building Gutters

Brush Diameter 8.00"

Approx. Price / Ft. $7.74

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Gutter Leaf Guards That Last!

Our quality leaf guard has UV protected durable flexible bristles and a strong galvanized steel wire core. Our brush gutter guard comes with a 10 year material warranty,