Gutter Clog Protection Results After 2.5 Years Video

Gutter Guard Results Video:

Actual leaf guard results video with maple helicopter seeds, 2.5 years after GutterBrush was installed. (click above)


Video Descriptions and Audio Transcriptions Below

Video Title: 5 Droppings Seasons, 2.5 Years Up Close Inspection, GutterBrush  Leaf Guard Flowing Fine

Description: This video reviews GutterBrush leaf guard performance and appearance after spending 2.5 years inside New England gutters with no gutter cleaning or gutter maintenance. This Rhode Island gutter leaf guard location is exposed to maple helicopter seeds, leaves, debris and harsh winter conditions including ice and snow on the roof and in the gutters. The video shows that after 2.5 years and 5 leaf dropping seasons, or 2 spring seasons and 3 fall seasons, there is some debris stuck in the gutter gard brush but each individual piece of debris by itself will not clog the gutter so these gutters after 2.5 years are flowing fine.

Transcription:  Hi, this is Alex the roofer showing you (the results) what GutterBrush looks like after two and a half years or five droppings seasons.  As you can see, we have got a tree (here), it is a maple tree. Lots of leaves and ( maple ) helicopters drop from it. This GutterBrush was installed two and a half years ago so it has sustained three fall droppings and two spring droppings and the gutters are still flowing fantastic. In the summer the (leaves and )  helicopters do bake. They really get cooked (from the summer heat) and they become 
almost nonexistent and the particulate matter flows through. So after 5 droppings and two and a half years this GutterBrush (gutter) is flowing fine.