*  Start with clean, flowing gutters.

Remove all gutter leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts before installing GutterBrush.  Be sure gutters are properly pitched toward the correct number of downspouts.

*  Slide GutterBrush sections into gutters from end to end:

Slide under gutter hangers, brackets or spikes throughout entire gutter channel to ensure complete protection.

     TIP!  Give the brush a 1/4 turn once in place and the bristles will spread around gutter brackets / hangers.

*  No need to cut GutterBrush

When a section of brush is longer than the remaining gutter section, simply bend or fold the brush back into itself to create the required custom length.  GutterBrush can be cut with a hack saw, bolt cutters, Dremel tool / offset grinder, etc. but this is typically not necessary.

*  Corners

When installing GutterBrush around corners, simply bend the brush to fit the gutter shape.

*  Maintenance

GutterBrush lasts many years and it is easily renewable.  We don't believe any gutter guard in a debris environment is maintenance free.   At some point, GutterBrush maintenance may be necessary and is as easy as...

  1. Remove the brushes and shake the debris out or bang them on a hard surface.
  2. Clean the gutter.
  3. Reinstall GutterBrush.

It's That Easy !   Completely Renewed!