Gutter Leaf Guard Demonstration and Live TV Interview

Gutter Guard Installation Demonstration:

Video Title: Gutter Guard Demonstration & Live TV Interview of 11-13-20

Description: GutterBrush Demonstration by TV host Lou Sipolt while performing a live TV interview with GutterBrush's Alex O'Hanley. 

Lou Sipolt, motor sports and race car driver & enthusiast, has GutterBrush at his home in his gutters, so he organized this interview exchange as well as his own personal GutterBrush demonstration.

Video Transcription:   You know as the leaves are falling you realize  that people are going to begin to start to struggle with the problems of their gutters clogging and that is not a good thing.  But there is a way to reduce your gutter cleaning needs and that solution happens to be something called GutterBrush.   We want to say good morning to Alex O'hanley who's joining us this morning,  Alex,  so great to see you again.  We want to continue the conversation of GutterBrush this morning because we just heard from our meteorologist.  Yes the leaves are beautiful right now here in central Iowa but that wind is picking up at the end of the week and those beautiful leaves are now going to be  (falling into)  in our gutters so what are some solutions you can provide for us today?   

Thank you so much for having me on your show,  I love your show; You guys are so energetic; It’s fantastic!    So we've got the simplest gutter clog solution.  We know when the leaves come, it's beautiful but it causes all sorts of problems like gutter overflows,  rotted wood,  damaged foundations and washed out landscaping.   People need a solution that's easy  that they can control and that is  inexpensive.   That's what GutterBrush is.  It's a simple product.  It is self fitting in the gutter.  You just fill the gutter with GutterBrush.   That's  all you do!  Slide it into place.  Gutter brush keeps the gutter from clogging and the water flows between the bristles of the brush.

There it is and it really is that simple.   We do have some videos of a quick install of what gutter black brush looks like putting it in an actual gutter that is installed.  This is how quickly it goes in.   Those are three foot sections Jackie.  That's what ( size)  they come in;  a couple of different lengths.   So the three foot sections went in with the snap of the fingers.   That's another six feet of Gutterbrush total ( installed) right there in about 14 or 15 seconds.  But if you want to see it in real time and see how long it takes to install,  we have a video here, Alex,  of installing 30 feet of  Gutterbrush and we can show you how quickly, everybody,  how fast the Gutterbrush will go into your gutters.  Even going up and down the ladder, we can roll this ( video ).  Here we can see this is a portion of the roof line,  Jackie,  we left (previously)  without Gutterbrush last time,  to show you how quickly leaves clogged; and we saw that right?  Yes , i mean everybody's gutters are getting extremely clogged right now.   Right so we want to put the 30 feet of Gutterbrush back in (the gutter) and that's exactly what we are doing.  You mentioned ( GutterBrush is ) inexpensive Alex, tell us a little bit about how much Gutterbrush costs.  

So for my house, I have about 75 feet of gutter and that's just a little over 200 dollars.   If you have a contractor install it it typically might be $ 4.00  to $ 6.00 or seven dollars a foot,  and that's installed.   If  you install it yourself,  like i said, my house 75 feet about 200 bucks.   And  we're looking at the gutters.  Not all gutters are the same size or the same width.  How many different sizes do you have?

We have five sizes.  Most gutters are standard  5 inch gutters. And we have GutterBrush for standard five inch gutters and then the next most common size would be called an oversize six inch gutter.  We have Gutterbrush for that too.

Alex, you can't turn the TV on right now, because it is the season, without learning about some company that's gonna come in (to your home or building )  and they're going to make it so you don't have to worry about your gutters any more.  Why do we need to be listening to you and about this great product we're talking about this morning ?

Because ( other ) companies are overselling and saying “never clean and never touch your gutters again”  and it's just not true   Every gutter in the debris field is going to require maintenance and those products are complicated and expensive typically costing 20 to 30 dollars a foot.  Gutterbrush is much less expensive.  If a contractor installs it maybe four to seven dollars a foot.   If you install it yourself, it costs  around $ 2.50 per foot.  So it's less expensive and it's easier and it's easy to maintain.  Those products are fastened and stuck in your way so when they require maintenance, they're expensive and difficult to take apart. With Gutterbrush, when it's time,  you simply  pull it out, you bang it out,  you clean the gutter, and you put it right back in ( the gutter).  Some customers never (have to maintain ) touch their gutter brush for four or five years, while others want to maintain it every year.

Yeah,  and you talked about the the low cost of gutter brush and you're going to make it even lower cost GutterBrush for people that are watching.  Right?

Yes,  it's 25 off and free shipping so it makes it really easy for people to get their gutters back into their own control.  

So on top of it being a very affordable and inexpensive solution, to help people keep the debris from getting into their  gutters, you are going to be able to make it available at the lowest cost.

Absolutely,  yes so until the 21st ( of the month) anyone who  comes to go to ( our web site) or calls  (888)-397-9433, they're going to automatically get 25 percent off. No coupon code needed at all.  But you can always use the discount code Iowa if you want.

You're keeping it as simple as possible and it kind of reminds me when you clean out bottles at the sink how you use a special brush because you need to get in those hard to reach areas.  Let's face it,  our gutters are hard to reach areas but you guys have created a system to not only keep leaves out but just instant clean;  you bang it and then you're done.

Yes it's a simple bottle brush,  it's an ingenious invention that's been around for 16 years now.  It's a UV protected polypropylene bristle on a galvanized core and it lasts 15 years out in the gutter.  We put a 10 year warranty on it and it's just such a simple way of keeping the gutter from clogging.   It works!

Yeah,  we're just showing you how simple it is to clean the gutter brush but right now folks if you want to get this product.  Jump on and you don't need to do anything. Just go to the order area and they'll take care of you;  and save 25%.  Sounds great!  Alex,  always so great to see you.  Thank you so much for joining us this morning on Iowa live.    Thank you.

There it is.... (TV show "We Are Iowa" continues and the interview ends)