Gutter Guard Sizes - How To Measure

5 Inch GutterBrush has a 4.25" diameter that fits this 5 Inch K Style Common Gutter Perfectly!

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GutterBrush for 6 inch gutters has a 5.25" diameter that fits this larger 6 inch K Style Gutter.

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Gutter Guard for Fascia Gutters

Got Fascia Style Rain Gutters? (Common in Western U.S) CLICK HERE  for how to measure for gutter guards for Fascia gutters. Our brush gutter guard protects Fascia gutters. Most Fascia gutters take 5" Gutter Brush (4.25" dia)

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Fill your gutter width as much as possible without overly compressing the bristles.

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Gutter Protection for ALL Gutter Sizes and Gutter Types

5 brush gutter guard sizes, choose the one that best fills the width of the gutter.

Steel Building Gutter Guard

GutterBrush comes in large brush sizes to fit pre-engineered building PEB gutters.  .

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Gutter Guard for Metal Buildings

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Gutter Guard for Super Gutter for pool screen cage

Gutter Guard for Super Gutters and Pool Screen Gutters

Gutter Protection for Pool Screen Enclosure Gutters and Super Gutters

Gutter Guard for Super Gutters
patio room gutter guard, lanai gutter guard leaf filter gutter protection

Guard Small Specialty and Unique Gutters

Click below for Carport gutters, Awning Gutters, Screenroom Gutters, Sunroom Gutters and Other Prefabricated Room Gutters.

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gutter leaf filter guard for custom copper built in box gutter

Gutter Guard for Custom Gutters and Any Gutter Type

Our gutter leaf guards stop gutter clogging in custom, copper, box gutters, and any gutter type.

Gutter Protection for Custom Gutters

Brush Guard Size? Still Not Sure?

GutterBrush Gutter Sizing Samples Come With 3 Brush Sizes in Each Box for Fitting and Comparing In Any Gutter Type.

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How To Measure for Gutter Guards Chart Tool

Brush Diameter Cut Out

Gutter Protection Fit: Use our brush sizing chart; print and cut out brush guard diameters.

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K Gutter Guards, How to Measure for Gutter Guards

Common Gutters and How to Measure for Gutter Guards

The most common style of gutter is the K Style gutter also known as a standard seamless gutter or Ogee gutter, usually made of aluminum and identified by the unique reverse curve or "Ogee" curve . GutterBrush is designed to fit perfectly in K Style gutters, filling the width of the gutter and also "crowning" with a rounded raised bristle profile that extends about 1.2 inches above the sides of the gutter, which helps direct gutter leaves and debris over the edge of the gutter; also so any gutter leaves and debris are up high so they can be be blown away.

How to Measure for Gutter Guards for a K Gutter:

K Style or "K Gutters" are identified by measuring from the back of the gutter to the outer most tip of the gutter (not the opening which is smaller).  Most are 5 Inch gutters which take a 5 inch gutter guard, but many these days are installing the larger 6 inch k style gutter which takes a 6 inch gutter guard.

K Gutter Sizes and  Gutter Guard Sizes

4 Inch k Style gutters are rare and they take Small GutterBrush for 4 Inch gutters (3.25" Dia). 5 Inch K Style gutters are the most common and they get fit with Standard GutterBrush for 5 Inch Gutters (4.25" dia.). 6 Inch K Style gutters are common and they take Oversize GutterBrush for 6" Gutters ( 5.25" dia.). 7 Inch K Style gutters tak Commercial GutterBrush for 7 Inch Gutters (6.5" dia.). 8 Inch K Style gutters are fit with 8 Inch GutterBrush.

Gutter Brackets and Attachments

Gutter Brackets and Gutter Attachment Types

Confirm your gutter attachment type.

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