Compare Gutter Guards - Gutter Screens and Covers

Gutterbrush Side View
Flat Screen / Micromesh
Flat Screen Micromesh
Sloped Screen / Micromesh
Flat Screen Micromesh
Hood / Cover / Helmet
Flat Screen Micromesh
Flat Screen Micromesh
Debris can sit atop the gutter protection, dry or wet and sticky
Device protects above gutter edge for easier wind purge
Durable UV protected material that will not shrink, crack or deteriorate in sunlight SOME SOME SOME
Doesn't have tight uncleanable tiny pores that clog quickly
Available in 5 sizes to protect any size gutter 4", 5", 6", 7", 8"
EASY DIY, anyone can install themselves, fast, no tools, no fasterners, no glue required
Simple to remove and reinstall for maintenance or cleaning; simple to shake debris from the device
Bristle pattern draws water inward, top of gutter remains wide open for maximum roof water volume
No fasteners or holes through roofing, gutters or fascia
Avoids water bypass due to debris resting on top, tiny screen holes, dirty gutter cover, etc.
Does not create a solid dry shelter that wasps, insects, animals, birds enjoy & infest
Has raised, rounded profile for creating more surface area for maximum water intake
Avoids the need for trimming / cutting if drip edge or flashing is in the way
Avoids touching / interfering with roof
Doesn't cause low sloped "shelf" at gutter top that creates first to freeze points and ice backups
Allows easy access to gutters for Christmas lights attachment to front gutter
Flexible design ensures consistent performance despite dents or damaged gutters from ladders, limbs
Installs faster, safer from the ground in new gutters during fabrication, hang the gutter with gutter protection
Can be used if gutter is "hung" by rod-n-nut or vampire hangers due to crown molding
Storm drain protection, avoids expensive storm drain repairs, keeps debris from in ground drainage systems
Never maintain, never clean again(there are many false claims by others)

Gutter Guard Types Chart - Compare Gutter Guards

Gutter Guard chart above, shows gutter guard types, helping to compare gutter guards; see how each gutter guard type “checks the boxes” with important gutter guard features.

Common Gutter Protection Failures

Those who work outside, know everything gets dirty and everything outdoors requires maintenance and cleaning.

Gutter cover clogged with rain water pour over

Gutter Covers, Gutter Overshoot and Dry Shelter

Gutter covers restrict the gutter opening and often become a ramp causing the rain water to overshoot the gutter. They get dented by ladders and create dry shelter for birds, hornets wasps and bees.

Gutter Mesh clogged with dirt

Gutter Screen, Gutter Mesh and Performance

Tightly woven gutter screen and gutter mesh does filter all gutter leaves and debris out, but they quickly get dirty, close up, and keep the rain water out too.  Guter leaves stick to them creating a debris rain water ramp.  Roof water overshoot issues and required cleaning off the top, can be very frequent and a nuisance!

Gutter Screen with Maple helicopter seeds clogging

Compare Gutter Guards

All gutter Guards require maintenance.  GutterBrush accepts rain water better than any other gutter guard and nothing is fastened: It’s so simple.

Super Gutter without Gutter Guard on pool screen cage

Gutter Screens and Gutter Covers wont fit some Gutter Types

To Compare gutter guards, recognize that  gutter covers , mesh and gutter screens will not fit some gutter types. GutterBrush comes in 5 sizes that fit all gutters with ease.  Click to see gutter types in which gutter screens and covers will not fit and will not work

See Gutters that Gutter Screens and Covers Won't Fit
Ice Dam Frozen Clogged Gutter

Compare Gutter Guards with Winter Gutter Ice

When shopping and comparing gutter guards, those in northern climates will want to consider ice dams and gutter ice.  Metal gutter guards are thermally conductive and the first to freeze over. GutterBrush improves winter gutter performance by decreasing gutter snow congestion and snow gutter clogging. Click to learn more about winter gutter protection.

Gutter Cover Clogged with  live Vegetation

Other Gutter Guard Issues - Video

Click below to see an experienced gutter cleaners video explanation of the issues various gutter guard types can experience.

This video was embedded in the old compare page, needs a page
Gutter Helmet Cover Intersects the roof, covered with gutter leaves

Compare Gutter Guards that Intersect the Roof

Many Gutter Guards are fastened to the roof, or fascia; they can cause  roof and soffit leakage. Some Gutter Guards can damage a roof, and void a roof warranty.  It's not worth the risk.  Click below for a video about gutter guards that touch the roofing.

Video - gutter guards can damage your roof