Gutter Screens Cause Overflow

Gutter Screen Problems- Overshoot

Video Title:  Gutter Screen Issues

Description:  Gutter Screens cause collateral problematic gutter issues. Debris lays on the screen causing the water to skip past the gutter entirely. Gutter screens can curl or collapse allowing debris to enter the joints. If made of metal, they can be the first item to freeze in the winter causing the screen holes to close up creating a flat sheet of ice. Screens require maintenance requiring them to be dis-assembled, cleaned and reinstalled which can be time consuming and expensive.

Transcription:  Hi I'm Alex with GutterBrush here to talk about screens as gutter guards.  The debris lays on the screens and it sticks. When it gets wet it, sticks and it causes the screens to collapse and when they collapse they curl and the water goes right into the joints.  Also the debris that lays on it, causes the water to just skip past the gutter and miss the gutter entirely. Also, the metal screens are very thermally conductive so they are the first to freeze area causing a flat surface of ice right over the entire gutter.   When I used to clean gutters, I would I would respond to customers that had screens and it was kind of a pain in the neck because it was very time consuming. I had to remove the screen, clean the entire gutter but then even from the removed screen, I had to pick all the debris out of the millions of tiny apertures.  It was really a pain in the neck and it was very time consuming. So that's the problem with screens.