Common Gutter Guard Questions

What Is The GutterBrush Gutter Guard System ?

It's an easy gutter guard! An easier leaf guard for gutters. No fastening required, to avoid clogged gutters, just fill your ENTIRE gutter with 3 ft. lengths of GutterBrush and leave it in the gutter all year, the rain water flows between the bristles▶ 30 sec. video "What Is GutterBrush".

Will gutter leaves and debris get caught in the bristles ?

Sure gutter leaves and debris get stuck in the leaf guard bristles but individual pieces of debris aren't the cause for gutter clogging and gutter overflow. The gutter leaves and debris cant clump together and flow to cause a clogged gutter downspout so the gutter continues to flow.See actual GutterBrush after 2.5 yearsAlso, checkout this video of ourbrush gutter guard after 4.2 years in the gutter

Can I leave GutterBrush in all year long? Through the winter ?

Yes, GutterBrush provides year round gutter protection and even decreases winter gutter ice in northern climates. Leave our brush rain gutter guards in all year! View our Winter page.

What's so special about GutterBrush ?

Water follows the bristles so it combinesabundant water acceptancewithsimple dop-in, slide-in gutter guard installationand a "crowned" raised bristle profile shape. Unique bristle design allows GutterBrush to be slid under the gutter brackets yet the bristles spring back up creating a"crowned" raised shapeto hold gutter debris up higher than the gutter so the wind can blow it off. It's one of the best gutter guards!

What is the most important thing about gutter guards, gutter covers and gutter screens ?

Accepting water into the gutter is most important, even new gutter leaf guards are notorious for being a ramp that shoots the fast rain water past the gutter, whether clean or dirty. Eventually, all gutter guards get dirty and require gutter cleaning to flow, but most are fastened covering the gutter and costly to remove to clean.

How long has GutterBrush been around ?

GutterBrush first came on the market in 2004. It's been around a while and it is "tried and True" gutter leaf filter that stops gutter clogging; made in the USA!

Do I need to replace my rain gutters and downspouts ?

No, you don't need to install new gutters and downspouts, GutterBrush solves gutter clogs and has 5 sizes to install easily into your existing size gutter. It works great in all rain gutters that are properly installed with the right slope and gutter downspouts. Just perform a gutter cleaning and slide it in.

Why Use GutterBrush ?

Why do I need GutterBrush ?

Even small amounts of small gutter leaves can clog gutters causing damage, rotted wood, bugs, washed out landscaping etc. GutterBrush is the easiest and fastest way to stop gutter clogging without spending a fortune.  No tools or fasteners required, keeps underground downspouts clear too! view a video on how only small amounts of debris can clog gutters

Is GutterBrush expensive ?

GutterBrush is not expensive. Other leaf guards and leaf filters are complicated and extremely expensive so since 2004 consumers have used GutterBrush as the gutter guard alternative to avoid spending thousands. Keep your leaf guard cost down with Gutterbrush!

Can Anyone Install Gutterbrush ?

Yes, anyone can install GutterBrush. It is the easiest gutter guard installation! If you are capable of working from a ladder and doing gutter cleaning, you can install our DIY gutter guard. Many people buy GutterBrush and self install to keep leaf guard cost down, but it is the best contractor installed gutter protection too.

Is GutterBrush better than other gutter covers and gutter screens ?

Yes, GutterBrush is the best gutter guard because it solves gutters clogs, is easy to install, nothing is fastened, nothing attaches to or touches your roof, and the installed price is just a fraction of all those other contractor installed gutter guards. At some point, GutterBrush is easy to completely renew with no tools or fasteners, while others are fastened and in the way of performing any gutter cleaning or maintenance at all.

Do Gutter Protection Systems and Gutter Guards require cleaning ?

Don't believe it when they say "never clean your gutters again". All gutter protection, screens and gutter covers in the debris field require maintenance but they are fastened and expensive to maintain. Gutter protection, with no fasteners that's easy to clean and maintain, is sensible and smart. GutterBrush is the easiest gutter guard to install and maintain.

How do I buy GutterBrush ?

Order GutterBrush right here from this web site and we ship it for free! Click here for our home page. Click here to shop now. Email your gutter size and footage needed to, and we will sharpen our pencil and reply with a leaf guard quote! Call us at 888-397-9433 to place your order today! (free shipping in the continental USA only)

If my gutter downspouts go into the ground, what do I do ?

When a gutters downspout drains underground, it's important to keep gutter leaves and debris out, to avoid a major drainage expense. Most will just put a wire downspout strainer over the gutter outlets, but those downspout strainers are too small and will clog and pour over very frequently. Just fill your gutter with Gutterbrush, to avoid gutter clogs and to keep gutter leaves & debris from clogging underground downspouts.

Will it fit any gutter? Available sizes ?

Our brush leaf guards come in 5 sizes or diameters, and the bristles are flexible so they can fit any gutter size. Available sizes are 4.25" to fit 5" gutters; 5.25" to fit 6" gutters; 6.5" for 7" gutters; 8" dia. for 8" and larger gutters. Our smallest is 3.25" for small 4" gutters.

Do the Gutter Brushes Spin ?

No, the Gutter Brushes do not spin.

Is GutterBrush a Cleaning Brush ?

No, Gutterbrush is not a cleaning brush, it is a gutter guard system. Fill the entire gutter with GutterBrush and leave it in place to keep the gutter from clogging. It works! It might need maintenance at some point which is easy, but it works! It keeps the gutter from clogging.

GutterBrush and Leaf Guard Cost

What makes GutterBrush less expensive ?

It is less expensive due to the ease and speed of gutter guard installation. No tools or fasteners needed, use our DIY gutter guard and save money! Even when contractor installed, our leaf guard cost is far lower because the contractor can install it so much faster and time is money!

How much does the GutterBrush leaf guard cost ?

Cost is based on your gutter size or brush guard diameter, and footage. The more footage, the lower the leaf guard cost per foot; with free USA shipping (not AK or HI). With five sizes or diameters, go to Shop Now for GutterBrush for pricing. Example, our "housepack" for 5" gutters has 105 ft. (sku is 5in-105ft) and a retail price of $ 349.00 or $ 3.32 per ft. delivered. It's often self installed so your total leaf guard cost per foot would be $ 3.32 . If contractor installed, they'l commonly provide and install it into your gutters for between $ 5.00 and $ 7.00 per ft.; far lower than contractor installed gutter guards usually priced from $ 20.00 to $ 35.00 per foot. GutterBrush goes on sale at occasionally. Email with your gutter size and footage needed and we'll sharpen our pencil and send you our leaf guard price.

How Much Do Other Gutter Guards typically cost ?

Most other gutter guard systems are complicated and tricky requiring trimming, and fastening so they usually require contractor installation and typically cost about $ 20.00 to $ 35.00 per foot. Of course you can save if you can do that gutter guard installation yourself. When one pays more than $ 20.00 per foot, they get pretty upset when the new gutter guard doesn't work well or needs gutter guard cleaning to get the water into the gutter.

How can GutterBrush be both effective and inexpensive ?

Ours is an efficient sensible system. The design, and self positioning causes fast easy gutter guard installation. Efficient manufacturing and packaging allows GutterBrush to be shipped for free. So whether your leaf guard is DIY, or contractor installed, our gutter guard speed and efficiency keeps leaf guard cost down, passing savings on to the customer.

How much is shipping ?

Shipping is free to the continental USA.

What sizes are available? Will it fit my gutter ?

GutterBrush comes in 5 diameters to fit any gutter size. Most common sizes are 4.25" to fit 5 Inch gutters and 5.25 " for 6" Gutters. We also have 3.25" to fit 4 inch gutters found on carports and awnings, 6.5 " for 7 inch super gutters and an 8" diameter for 8 inch PEB metal buildings and larger industrial and commercial gutters.

Any discounts or promotions ?

Samples, 6 foot packs and Ladder-Max can't be discounted, but use the coupon code " faqchat15 " at for 15% off. If you know your size and the footage, email us at and we will sharpen our pencil and provide our best "clickable" quote.

Who Is GutterBrush ?

GutterBrush is a small family owned gutter guard company that was started based on a unique useful invention back in 2004; in the Brecksville Ohio area. GutterBrush LLC remains in that same family today, but was later moved to Rhode Island. Learn more about how Gutterbrush started by clicking here.

How long does GutterBrush last ?

GutterBrush lasts in excess of 15 years out in the gutter environment. Quality materials make it resistant to both corrosion and the harmful affects of the sun. We speak to customer who have had our simple gutter guard since 2004 and continue to reuse it. Our brush gutter filter comes with a ten year material warranty.

How Can GutterBrush save me money ?

GutterBrush is a DIY gutter guard so you will not necessarily have to pay for gutter guard installation. Also, GutterBrush decreases gutter clogging, so if you normally pay a contractor to clean the gutter, they will not have to come nearly as often so GutterBrush decreases gutter cleaning cost.

Brush Gutter Guard Installation

What size GutterBrush should I order ?

For sizing, visit "How to Measure" to see pics of how to measure for our gutter guards or call 888-397-9433. Most gutters are standard 5" K-style. For K-style gutters, measure horizontally across the top from the fascia to the outermost tip of the gutter. Still need help? Order our brush leaf guard sizing samples which come 3 sizes per box for fitting.

What length is each Gutterbrush piece ?

With the exception of our samples and our 6 foot trial packs, all GutterBrush boxes are filled entirely with 3 foot lengths that you line up one after the other in the gutter to avoid gutter clogs. Each box also contains two 18 inch pieces for convenience.

How do I install GutterBrush ?

No fastening required, just fill your entire gutter with 3 foot lengths of GutterBrush sliding them under the gutter brackets into the gutter one after another. You can fold GutterBrush back into itself, or you can cut our brush gutter guard to make that last piece. Don't stuff the brush into the downspout, instead just lay the brush over the gutter outlet tube.

What is the brush guard "Fit Criteria" ?

GutterBrush Fit Criteria - Fill the width of the gutter as best as possible, in the brush's relaxed form, without overly compressing the bristles because between the bristles is where the gutter water flows. A "raised profile" or crowned shape is desirable, but not always possible with some prefabricated gutter styles like metal building gutters, carport and awning gutters.

Do I need to cut GutterBrush ?

No, you do not need to cut our simple brush leaf guard because you can fold that last piece back into itself. You can fold or cut Gutterbrush to make specific brush lengths.

I have to do gutter cleaning 7 times per year year and they always overflow, what can I expect ?

Customers with pine needles and other small debris explain that they had to perform gutter cleaning 7 to 8 times per year and they still experienced gutter overflow. After installing GutterBrush, they happily explain they have year round flowing gutters for the first time and maintenance is decreased down to once per year.

Gutter Guard issues & Solutions

When will I need to maintain my GutterBrush ?

Every home's different. The lay of the land, slope of the roof, height of the gutter, type of trees, position of trees, wind patterns etc are different everywhere. GutterBrush stops gutter clogs and greatly increases the duration between maintenance visits. Some go many years without needing maintenance while extreme cases and inundation may possibly need maintenance within the 1st year. See GutterBrush after 4.2 years video.

Can a gutter guard harm my roof or void my warranty ?

Yes , other gutter guards and gutter helmets intersect the roof and are fastened; and can harm or void a roof warranty, GutterBrush doesn't intersect or even touch the roof and is compatible with every roof. Its a gutter guard for shingled roofs and flat roofs; a gutter guard for Asphalt, Fiberglass, Cedar Shake, Slate, Tile, Rubber, Metal or any roof.

What about small debris like pine needles and maple helicopter seeds ?

With small debris, GutterBrush keeps gutters from clogging.  Click for a 1 minute video about small debris, pine needles and maple seeds. Although pine needles, maple seeds and small debris may become caught in the top of the bristles, they remain suspended. Individual pieces can't create a clog themselves, unless they are allowed to clump together and flow down the gutter channel, which can not happen with GutterBrush. Click for a verified Amazon pine needle review. Natural cycles of sun, rain, and abundant airflow help blow the debris from the gutter guard or promote rapid decomposition and break-down. Your gutters will remain protected and water will continue to flow clog free. Eventually, at some point, maintenance is easy by just removing the brushes and shaking them out, clean the gutter and reinstall completely renewed.  Click to read about GutterBrush and Pine needles .

If seeds like Maple helicopter seeds, get stuck in the brush, will they grow ?

No, seeds stuck in the bristles will not grow because they have no water. If they happen to sprout at all, which is rare, they will die on the first dry day.

If I have a GutterBrush issue or a leaf guard problem, who can help me ?

We care about people and we strive to help. On staff we have over 25 years of roofing, construction and gutter guard experience so call 888-397-9433 for assistance and technical help. Customers often send pictures so we can perform gutter problem solving, and coach them through their DIY challenges and gutter adjustments. Together, we help people solve gutter clog issues the easy way!

How do I maintain GutterBrush? Can I clean my gutters if necessary ?

That's the beauty of our easy gutter guard; no fasteners! Other leaf guards are fastened and in the way. Eventually, you can completely renew GutterBrush. Just pull the brushes out and bang them on a hard surface to remove the debris, perform a gutter cleaning, and reinstall. They are renewable gutter guards.

Gutter covers are visible, unsightly and they get dented by ladders, Is GutterBrush visible from the ground ?

In many cases, the GutterBrush black bristles extend about an inch and an eighth above the edge of the gutter; intentionally by design. Due to the height of most gutters, they are usually not detectable, but depending on the height of the gutter and the angle of the view looking upward, the tips of the black bristles might be visible. In advance of your purchase, you can order our brush leaf guard samples to set in your gutter and view.

Will the wind blow the gutter guard clean right away ?

There's hardly anything anyone can do to stop debris from laying on your roof and gutter protection. Leaves and debris lay on and even stick to smooth metal gutter protection. Every home is different. Some stubborn areas require multiple wind storms blowing from different directions, and blow clean eventually as the season progresses.

Does GutterBrush work for Birds? and pests ?

Yes GutterBrush works well as a bird barrier and a pest guard. Customers use Gutterbrush to keep birds, bats pests and vermin out of gutters, rafters and soffits and even solar pannels, because it is so easy and fast to install. Birds make a mess because they like to bathe and splash in the gutter water, but not Gutterbrush is as a bird guard. Click here to read more about our brush pest and bird barrier

Does GutterBrush solve clogging from acorns ?

GutterBrush stops gutter clogging from acorns. Most acorns will roll down the roof and bounce off the brush falling to the ground. Some acorns may end up in the gutter either on or in the brush bristles, but the acorns can not cause a clog because they can not clump together with other gutter leaves; they can not flow to clog the gutter or the downspout. GutterBrush works well as an acorn gutter guard.

How does GutterBrush decrease winter gutter ice (northern climates) ?

GutterBrush bristles are black and they absorb the sun's warmth and increase gutter ice melting. Also, gutter ice is usually caused by snow clogs, click here to learn how snow clogs cant happen and how Gutterbrush improves winter gutter performance.

Product Info and Warranty

What is GutterBrush made of ?

Gutterbrush is a long lasting brush that fits in your gutter to stop gutter clogs. It is a cylinder shaped, twisted in wire, polypropylene black brush with double UV (Sun) protection and a center core of twisted 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel. Click for samples.

Whats sizes (diameters) and what box sizes (lengths) are available ?

We have 5 sizes or 5 diameters for all gutter styles and widths. GutterBrush, other than the samples and trial packs, comes packed with 3 ft. lengths

Most common - 4.25" dia. for 5" gutters comes in boxes of 6', 15', 30', 60' and 105 ft.

2nd Most common, 5.25" dia. for 6" gutters comes in boxes of 6', 12', 36', and 60 ft.

3.25" dia. Brush for small 4" gutters comes in boxes of 12' and 24 ft.

6.5" dia. for 7" Gutters available in boxes of 36', 21' and 18'.

8" diameter GutterBrush comes in boxes of 27ft and 15ft.

How does GutterBrush get shipped? From where ?

GutterBrush ships from Massachusetts. Our smallest gutter protection packs namely our samples and our boxes containing 6 linear feet ship out via US Postal Service, while all other larger boxes ship Fedex. Shipping in the continental US is free.

What is "The GutterBrush Balance" ?

Experienced contractors explain, "If you try to keep all gutter leaves and debris out, you will end up keeping the rain water out too." The problem with gutter protection devices, is they become the actual reason the rain water overshoots. You cant have everything. "Gutterbrush Balance" is bristle technology that's engineered to the best possible balance to avoid gutter clogs while also accepting rain water. No other gutter guard accepts down-pouring fast rain water as well.

How do I find a GutterBrush leaf guard installer ?

Visit our "Find a Contractor" page and input your zip code to see independent GutterBrush brush leaf guard installers near-by. Nobody near you? Some of your local trustworthy contacts can be the best installers, like your landscaper, handyman, painter, pressure washer or whoever cleans your gutters. Anyone who climbs ladders can install Gutterbrush easily.

How do I become a GutterBrush gutter protection contractor, installer or dealer ?

We are looking for GutterBrush gutter guard installers! Give us a call 888-397-9433, email us at or click here to visit our partner page.

Is GutterBrush Compatible with gutter heaters and gutter heat tape for ice melting ?

Yes, GutterBrush gutter protection is compatible with roof and gutter de-icing cables. Gutter heaters and gutter heat tapes work well with GutterBrush. Click to see how it aids melting and improves winter flow decreasing gutter ice.

What's covered by the GutterBrush 10 Year Material Warranty ?

GutterBrush is high quality, durable and long lasting.  Customers who've had it for over 15 years explain that it's still in fine shape with bristles that remain flexible.  We stand firmly behind GutterBrush quality and performance by providing a 10 year material warranty as well as technical support and leaf guard assistance towards our mission of having 100% happy customers with flowing gutters. view the GutterBrush LLC warranty .

Does the GutterBrush simple gutter guard system have a fire rating ?

No, GutterBrush has not been formally tested or certified and has no fire rating.