Gutter Guard Recommendations: Roof Techniques for Wind Protection - Video

Video Title:  How to Install a Bulletproof Roof

Description:  The term "Bulletproof" is used loosely in this video to describe how to install a very strong roof. Video explains how just a few simple roofing techniques can greatly improve the strength and duration of the roof. Using asphalt adhesive to seal and adhere the shingles together makes the roof far stronger against high winds. Roof shingles must be installed as per manufacturer specifications and lower nails are stronger wind protection therefore nail as low as possible without having exposed nails.

Transcription:  All right, I'm Alex here to explain how to install a bulletproof roof.  First of all, choose a very high quality shingle and install it to manufacturer's specifications and nail it off as LOW as possible, to the manufacturer's specifications.   Second, go up the edges and seal all the edges together with a small dollop of asphalt.  Let me tell you, these things are stuck. Third, go along the bottom edge and seal (OR ADHERE) the starter course to the drip edge and the first course of roof shingles to the starter course.   I am telling you, the wind is not taking this. And don't let any gutter guard company slide anything underneath the shingles and break that seal, because then it'll be susceptible to wind uplift.  Use a gutter guard that doesn't intersect with the roof and doesn't cause roof problems. So that's your bulletproof roof I'm Alex the roofer.