Leaf Guard Demonstration Video from Todays Homeowner

Video Descriptions and Audio Transcriptions Below

Video Title - GutterBrush Leaf Guard Demonstration Video by Today's Homeowner

Description: Today's homeowner discusses GutterBrush benefits and demonstrates the ease of installation.

Audio Transcription: 

What are you doing?  Trying to clean these gutters, it's it's not easy and it's messy and I've almost fallen off this ladder like three times.   Let me show you something.  Gutterbrush gutter guards are a much better way to keep the gutter clean and keep you off that ladder.  GutterBrush gutter guards fill the gutter preventing leaves and debris from filling your gutter but they let water flow through.   They're easy to install,  you just slide the gutter brush into your gutters; no tools or professional installation required.   They come in 3-foot and 18 inch lengths.   If you need a shorter length, just fold the gutter brush back.   No cutting needed.  Other gutter protection  systems and leaf filters can be expensive, difficult to maintain, or they just don't work.   Gutterbrush costs just a fraction of those other systems saving you money at installation, and in the long run. Oh these things are tough too I mean check this out.  You've got these UV protected stiff bristles and a heavy gauge galvanized steel core.   Gutterbrush requires minimal maintenance and they stay in your gutters year-round.   Because the bristles are black and help melt ice,  during the winter Gutterbrush helps prevent ice dams and icicles.   They also keep rodents and birds from nesting in your gutters.  You won't need to climb up there again for a few years, thank goodness.    GutterBrush, the simple way to keep your gutters clean.