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Avoid Gutter Overflow Onto Your New Awesome Exterior Updates

Avoid Gutter Overflow Onto Your New Awesome Exterior Updates

by Alex O'Hanley May 03, 2022 4 min read

The author reviews some nice new modern trending home improvement exterior updates like adding a bathroom or a new patio grilling area; while also suggesting tips and techniques to keep the new exterior updates clean and new while also saving time on important exterior maintenance.
gutter cleaning needed

Gutter Cleaning

by Randy Schreiber February 01, 2022 7 min read

Most of the need for gutter cleaning,  is caused by three downspout installation errors that cause a build-up of downspout debris.  Experienced contractor shares his knowledge of why downspouts clog and how the repair of those downspout issues can greatly decrease the need for future gutter cleaning.
Gutter Ice Damming

How to Fix Ice Damming

by Alex O'Hanley December 22, 2021 11 min read

Author utilizes his own 25 years of winter "on the roof" experience to explain

  • Why ice dams occur on roofs and in gutters.
  • Techniques and details used to avoid ice dams and gutter ice problems.
  • How roof and soffit ventilation plays a major role.
  • Simple winter gutter guard technique to decrease gutter ice
Gutter Guard for Slate Roof and Custom Gutters

Leaf Guards for Gutters of All Shapes

by Alex O'Hanley December 14, 2021 6 min read

Most common leaf guards  for gutters and gutter guards will not fit unusual gutters such as  prefabricated gutters on metal buildings, sunrooms, lanais, carports and awnings.  Due to certain characteristics outlined in the article, common gutter protection devices will not fit these unusual shaped prefabricated gutters.  The article explains how since 2004, Gutterbrush provides a simple gutter clog solution that is easy to install in these situations where other leaf guards will not fit.

Metal Roof Gutter Guard

Metal Roof Gutter Guard

by Alex O'Hanley October 21, 2021 4 min read

Metal roofing sheds rain water faster, and the metal roof water run off, often is moving with such high velocity, that it overshoots the gutter.   Some leaf guards on metal roofs, will exacerbate the situation while the brush gutter guard will solve the problem.  Brush leaf guard bristles extend upward intersecting, catching  and carrying the rain water into the gutter. Brush gutter guards can solve the gutter overshoot problem.
hail storm leaf guard damage

Leaf Guard for Hail Storms

by Alex O'Hanley October 15, 2021 2 min read

Metal gutter screens and metal gutter guards and gutter covers will sustain denting and leaf guard damage from hail storms, which is why hail storm contractors recommend GutterBrush.   GutterBrush is a widely accepted means of keeping gutters from clogging, and it will not become damaged or dented from hail storms due to the flexibility of the gutter guard bristles.
Expert leaf guard reviews

Gutter Leaf Guard Review

by Alex O'Hanley October 13, 2021 5 min read

The best gutter leaf guard review comes when an experienced DIY expert leaf guard professional has known about gutter guards, gutter covers and gutter guard mesh for many years and then returns to purchase more GutterBrush.  Read about how after many years,  leaf guard experts regularly provide high accolades to the brush gutter guard company GutterBrush; without solicitation.   There's no magic here, since 2004, GutterBrush is a long lasting brilliant product that works solving clogged gutters, which is why experienced professionals return time and time again.  Read the gutter leaf guard reviews and give it a try for yourself.
Gutter Guard Problems

Leaf Guard Installation Problems

by Alex O'Hanley October 06, 2021 12 min read

Some Gutter guards can cause problems and roof edge leakage.  The author with 25 years of roofing experience, explains in lay terms, why a properly installed gutter should never leak into the building and how some gutter guards that intersect with the roof or fascia can actually add leakage vulnerability by increasing the roof burden.  The author builds the case by explaining the principles involved in avoiding leaks and specifically how the physical characteristics of certain gutter guards change the dynamics and create a clear path to wind driven rain leakage and or ice backup leakage over the fascia board.   The author describes how and why some gutter guards can cause problems while other gutter guards provide effective clog protection while causing no harm.

Leaf Guard Cost title picture

Leaf Guard Cost, Gutter Guard Cost

by Alex O'Hanley October 01, 2021 7 min read

Author with 25 years of leaf guard and gutter experience,  shares information about self installed leaf guards and contractor installed leaf guards; as well as the cost per foot of each category of leaf guard.  The author explains the characteristics of various gutter guards as well as some of the issues that drive the leaf guard cost higher.  One particular gutter guard is mentioned that anyone can install as long as they can work from a ladder.
foam gutter guards

Foam Gutter Guards

by Alex O'Hanley September 28, 2021 7 min read

The author uses 25 years of gutter experience to compare gutter guard features and benefits.  The article describes the installation and use of gutter guard foam, AKA gutter stuff, and compares gutter foam with other common "gutter inserts".  The article elaborates on the differences between various leaf guard performance as well as the differences in contractor installed and DIY gutter guard costs per foot.


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