Gutter Guards Affect The Roof Warranty, Video

Gutter Guards and My Roof Warranty

Video Title:  Is GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard Compatible with MY Roof?

Description:  Many Gutter guards intersect with the roof, void warranties, and cause roof problems. GutterBrush simple gutter guard stops gutter clogging and it doesn't  even touch the roof, does not affect the roof and is compatible with every roof.

Transcription:   Hi, I am Alex with GutterBrush.  Is GutterBrush compatible with my roof?  I am here to say that GutterBrush is compatible with any roof because it does not intersect with the roof.  It stays down within the gutter, it has its raised profile, But it does not affect the roof at all. So no matter what kind of roof you have, you can use GutterBrush to keep your gutters flowing.  I am Alex with GutterBrush,  Thank you very much. 888-397-9433 or