Avoid Gutter Clogs, Easy to Install and Maintain

Easiest Leaf Guard, Avoid Gutter Clogs

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 Video Title - GutterBrush  Simple to Install Simple to Maintain

Description:  This video explains GutterBrush as a very simple gutter guard that keeps gutters from clogging. Other gutter guards are complicated and expensive and disappointing because they are difficult and expensive to maintain. Eventually, cleaning the gutters and maintaining GutterBrush is easy because it installs with no tools or fasteners.

Transcription:  " Hi I am Alex with GutterBrush, here to talk about the simplicity of GutterBrush.  One of the problems with a lot of the complicated Gutter Guard products out in the market is that they are fastened, and they need maintenance too.  So when you go to clean the gutter, number one, you spent a fortune getting it installed in the first place and then you are really disappointed when you find out that it needs to be maintained and it is fastened with screws and you can not take it apart to maintain it.  The beauty of GutterBrush is that there are no fasteners.  You simply fill the gutter with GutterBrush, no fasteners and that way, at some point when it is time for maintenance, it is a snap.  You just pull them out, you bang them out, the debris drops out.  They are completely renewed and you install them again.  We put a ten year warranty on them and they last that long.  So it is very simple, no fasteners and it is easy to maintain. Thanks so much.