5 Reasons Why Chimneys Leak

5 Reasons Chimneys Leak, from GutterBrush

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Video Title: 5 Reasons Chimneys Leak

Description: Alex, after 25 years as a roofing contractor, explains that chimney leaks can be confusing because a chimney leak can originate from multiple different and distinct leaking components. A chimney leak can originate from water entering 1) down the flu 2) through the masonry crown or vertical masonry itself, 3) Chimney counterflashings 4) Chimney roof flashings 5) roof shingles. Each one of these components is dealt with differently. There are some simple techniques that can be used in the process of elimination to solve the problem such as application of clear masonry preservative. Call 888-397-9433 or email alex@gutterbrush.com if you need help or information about solving chimney flashing leaks, chimney masonry leaks and chimney roofing leaks. This is part of the "GutterBrush Gives Back" series. ( Be sure to take a look at the simplest brush gutter guard while you are here ).

Transcription: Alright, I'm here to tell you all the different ways that a chimney can leak.  My name's Alex with Gutterbrush. A chimney can leak from down inside. The water runs down inside the flu but it finds its way into the brick and leaks into the house. It can leak from the crown into the building. It can leak from the masonry itself and the joints. It can leak from the  counterflashings.  It can leak from the flashings or it can leak from the roof. Each one of those components is different and they each have to be addressed to make sure that you stop the leak. So you repair the most inexpensive components first, in the process of elimination
and you will solve a lot of chimney leaks for very little money. I am Alex the roofer, with GutterBrush