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Gutter Guards Can Cause Damage To Your Roof

Video Title:  Gutter Guards can Damage Your Roof

Description:  When considering gutter guards for your home make sure you understand what is being installed and how it may impact your roof and shingles. Alex is a 25 year Roofer and has seen it all when it comes to the pros and cons of various gutter protection systems. Contractors understand that you should never insect the roof or compromise shingle integrity in an effort to keep leaves out of your gutter. It's just not worth the risk of damage and expense that can occur if shingles are lifted up and exposed to potential water or ice backing up under the shingles and causing a roof leak into the building. No need to spend thousands of dollars on complicated gutter guards. Sometimes the simple, affordable solutions make the most sense.

Transcription:   I'm Alex with Gutterbrush and I'm here to talk about the damage that gutter guards can do when they are installed into the roof or intersecting the roof.  Usually, you can get a beautiful roof and the bottom courses are supposed to be fastened and stuck together; that's what keeps the wind from lifting the bottom courses of shingles. And then some gutter guard installer thinks that your clogged gutters are important enough to risk damage to your roof, so what they mistakenly do is they'll install a device, screen, or cover and they'll jam it underneath the shingles. That can really damage the shingles.  Those shingles are supposed to be stuck down so that the wind can't lift them up.  In order for them to slide in there,  they're separating the shingles, sometimes tearing the shingles and peeling the shingle away from its fasteners. It is really not a good idea. It can weaken the shingle and it can be an expensive repair in the future, so you really don't want to allow a gutter guard  company to intersect anything with your roof. It can void warranties but even more importantly when it's time to remove the roof, they are going to have to remove the entire gutter guard. So don't intersect the roof or mess with the roof in order to solve a clogged gutter.  Thanks very much