Pine Needle and Maple Helicopter Seed Gutter Protection Video


Gutter Guard Protection For Pine Needles and Maple Helicopter Seeds

Video Title: Gutter Protection for Pine Needles and Maple Seeds

Description:   Pine needles, Maple Seeds and small debris causes problems and enters or covers all gutter guards, GutterBrush keeps the gutters from clogging because it is , in itself, a protected flow channel. Most debris should blow past or over the gutter and any debris that gets stuck in the brush can not clump together and flow, pile up and clog. The gutter continues to flow. At some point, if required, maintenance and "renewing" is easy because there are no fasteners.

Transcription:  Hi this is Alex with Gutterbrush here to talk about pine needles and the problem they cause with gutters. GutterBrush works very well with pine needles and decreasing the maintenance necessary.  When you're talking about debris like pine needles and maple seeds, we're talking about very small debris that is really difficult for every gutter guard and every gutter guard requires maintenance with small debris, in this case you can see we've got maple seeds.  They're stuck in the brush but they're stuck in there suspended in one place.  They can't clump together, they can't flow and they can't clog the gutter. The gutter continues to flow. whether there's The gutter continues to flow and the debris and the bristles direct the water into the center of the gutter. At some point when it's time for maintenance, you pull the brushes out, you bang them out, you clean the gutter and you put them back in completely renewed and ready to start again. Thanks so much.