Gutter Strainers Cause Gutter Overflow

Gutter guards & Strainers:

Video Title: The Overflow Problem with Gutter Strainers and Gutter Baskets:

Description: People need to keep debris from clogging their gutter's downspouts, leader pipes and in ground storm drainage pipes. This video explains how a common method that uses gutter wire strainers or gutter baskets, is successful at keeping the downspouts and pipes from clogging, however use of such a small device ends up causing extremely frequent maintenance. The strainers are small and have little surface area, therefore, only a small amount of leaves or tree debris will cause them to clog requiring frequent cleaning. A better method is to fill the entire gutter with GutterBrush; laying it right over the outlet tubes. GutterBrush will keep the pipes from clogging and will require far less maintenance than the strainers or baskets.

Transcription:  Hi my name's Alex with GutterBrush, with 25 years in the roofing industry my experience enables me to explain about gutter strainers. These strainers are used to keep the debris out of the downspouts. They do a good job at keeping the debris out of the downspout but there's hardly any surface area. The problem with these is that as soon as you install them, the surface area gets clogged up with leaves and now you have a real maintenance nightmare. You might have to get up there every other week to clear the clogged strainer. That's the problem with strainers