GutterBrush Gutter Guard Results Video Time Lapse

Actual Leaf Guard Video Performance


Gutter Guard Performance Video:  Click above to watch an actual time lapse results video showing leaves falling on installed GutterBrush over the entire fall season.   We cut the night time out of the video because you could not see anything.  The video shows a daily dose of leaves and tree detritus falling from the trees, landing on the roof and gutter.  The gutter continues to flow properly with no clogs.   Some of the debris takes a while to blow away, but by the time winter and snow arrives, most of the leaves have blown away.

Video Descriptions and Audio Transcriptions Below

Video Title - GutterBrush Time Lapse Performance

Description: Watch how GutterBrush Simple Gutter Leaf Guard performs in keeping gutters flowing through the heavy Fall season in New England rain gutters. 2.5 months of leaves, rain, snow and ice consolidated down to about a 5 minute video. This video shows an actual GutterBrush installation in Rhode island. Video shows leaves and debris during fall season, laying on the roof and on the GutterBrush. Periodically multiple times during the fall, and at the onset of winter, you can see that the wind blows almost all of the leaves off resulting in properly flowing gutters.


So we're here in Portsmouth Rhode Island doing an installation of Gutterbrush at a customer's house, to take a look at, and see if we can film some video of how it ( GutterBrush ) performs this fall.  We have  just installed this length of the house, there's Alex ready to install the last little bit of our simple gutter guard in this section. You are watching a time lapse video taken over a period of 2.5 months during the 2019 autumn leaf falling season.  Within the gutter is the simplest , easiest  and most cost effective gutter clog protection device called GutterBrush.   The video shows the falling leaves while GutterBrush keeps the leaves and debris from clogging the gutter. You can see leaves  collecting on the roof and the gutter.  You will see that over time, the debris builds up in various areas, eventually being blown away by the wind.   During the heaviest portions of the fall, a buildup of leaves can be seen on the GutterBrush itself.  At various intervals of the season, , and at the end of the fall into the  onset of the winter, the greater majority of the gutter and gutter protection have eventually become purged clean by the wind.  The Key to GutterBrush is the simplicity of the product as well as the speed and ease of installation.  Anyone can install GutterBrush making it  a favorite of DIY homeowners as well as contractors, landscapers, painters, cleaning companies and handy persons.  Made in the USA since 2004, it comes in 5 sizes to fit all of the most common and custom gutters.     GutterBrush is a cylindrical brush, like a bottle brush or a pipe cleaner, designed to fill and protect gutters.  Homeowners and contractors simply take 3 foot lengths of GutterBrush and they slide them into the gutter under the gutter brackets filling the gutter from end to end.   They leave GutterBrush in place all year. The brush fills the gutter and keeps leaves and debris out, while the water flows between the bristles. GutterBrush’s quality materials and construction, with a galvanized core and UV Sun protected polypropylene bristles, means it is highly resistant to the harmful effects of the sun and the weather while lasting in excess of 15 years.  It comes with a 10 year material warranty.  GutterBrush installs with ease because no tools or fasteners  are required.  Anyone who can work off a ladder,  can install this simple clog protection system. At some point, GutterBrush can be completely renewed.  To maintain and renew, you simply, pull them out of the gutter, Bang the debris out, Clean the gutters and reinstall.  GutterBrush improves the performance of Gutters in cold winter climates because it is a protected flow channel within the gutter, decreasing the clogs that occur naturally from snow and slush while improving the winter flow.  The result is much less ice and icicles.  During the 2 to 3 month period of the video, the gutters were well protected.  The water flows between the bristles while most of the leaves and debris eventually blow away or pass right over it.   Yes some debris does get stuck in the brush, however, any suspended debris can no longer clump together, flow towards the downspout and get  hung up, creating a dam and causing a clog.  Individually, each leaf or piece of debris can not cause a clog, so the fact that Gutterbrush stops debris from clumping and flowing, means the gutters are well protected; as also are the downspouts and in ground storm drainage.   Experienced contractors and homeowners alike know that everything outdoors eventually requires maintenance.    Dropping a high volume of debris on a thin channel and expecting to keep it from clogging, will always eventually require maintenance.    When other complicated and more expensive gutter solutions become problematic, they require painstaking work and expense  to dis-assemble, because you need to remove fasteners and  take them apart just to access the clog.  Once you clear the problem, they need to be put them back together.  The process often leaves unwanted screw holes and damage; and can be extremely expensive.  With GutterBrush, maintenance is easy.   Many expensive gutter protection devices intersect and attach to the roof causing roof problems, holes, voiding roof warranties and  decreasing the water’s ability to exit the roof as swiftly and easily as possible.     GutterBrush doesn't touch, and has no effect on the roof.    There are lots of complicated Gutter solutions on the market that are extremely expensive.   Many companies make false claims such as “never clean your gutters again”.   Debris fits into the gutter devices and causes them to clog.  If the debris cant fit into the gutters, chances are that the fast water will not get into the gutter either.  Everywhere water runs, it brings debris with it, the apertures in screens close up, debris lays on them and the biggest problem in the gutter guard industry is that the device and the debris causes the water to skip past the gutter.   There is no magical, forever maintenance free solution, which is why we recommend a simple, less expensive solution that’s easy to install and even easier to maintain. In short, in a complicated world, GutterBrush is a refreshingly inexpensive and simple solution.    Measure your gutters or get your samples today,   visit or Call 888-397-9433 for price quotes and service from a GutterBrush expert.. Thanks for  listening.