What is GutterBrush Gutter Guard

Do Gutter guards work?  What is GutterBrush

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Video Title - What Is GutterBrush Gutter Guard

Description:  GutterBrush is a simple UV protected, galvanized, long lasting bottle-brush designed to stop gutter clogging. Fill your gutter with three foot lengths, fill the entire gutter one after the other, the water flows between the bristles and the brush keeps the debris from clogging the gutter. GutterBrush is the simplest gutter guard system that anyone can install with no tools or fasteners.

Transcription:   Hi,  Alex with GutterBrush here to explain, " what is GutterBrush ".  Gutter Brush is a simple bottle brush. It's a galvanized protected core that last many many years, and UV  (Sun) protected bristles. It is sized for the gutter. You fill the gutter with three foot lengths of GutterBrush.   Fill the entire gutter (one after the other) and you leave it in place. The (rain) water flows between the bristles while the brush keeps the debris out and keeps the gutter flowing.   That is what GutterBrush is.