Gutter Guard Samples - 3 sizes per box

GutterBrush Leaf Guard Samples

Try our innovative Gutter Protection! Samples arrive with 3 different sizes in each box. Just like our easy gutter guard, finding the right size leaf filter is hassle-free. Fit 3 into your gutter to compare leaf guard sizes

Gutter Guard Samples for Residential Gutters: Protection for standard and larger gutters on homes; as well as smaller carport, mobile home, sunroom and lanai gutters.
Click for SMP-RES contains 6 Inch lengths of these sizes:

  • 5.25-inch diameter leaf guard for 6 Inch Gutters
  • 4.25-inch diameter leafguard for standard 5" Gutters
  • 3.25-inch dia. for Small 4" Gutters

Gutter Guard Samples for Commercial Gutters: Leaf guard for metal buildings and larger commercial gutters on schools, churches and industrial buildings,
Click for SMP-COM has six-inch lengths of these sizes:

  • 8-inch diameter leaf guard
  • 6.5-inch dia. for 7" gutters, super gutters
  • 5.25-inch diameter

How To Install Your Gutter Guard Samples: Set them into the gutter to compare gutter guard sizes. The brush should fill the width of the gutter as best as possible without overly compressing the bristles. A raised or "crowned" profile is desirable, however with a high outer gutter edge, a raised profile is not possible and not necessary for gutter clog protection.
If you know your size, your ready for leaf guard installation, click to order full boxes
Click to learn " How to Measure Gutters for Gutter Guards"
Click here to see GUTTER TYPES for which we highly recommend using sizing samples to assure the best fit.