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Gutter Guard Samples - 3 sizes per box

Want to give our innovative gutter protector a try but not sure what size to select? Go for one of our GutterBrush Leaf Guard Sample Packs. Like everything else about our gutter guard, finding the right size gutter brush to fit your specific gutter is easy and hassle-free. Simply try one of our sample packs, each containing three brush sizes per box.

  • Residential Sample Pack: Ideal for homes, home offices and smaller applications found on mobile home gutters and sunroom gutters this pack features three, six-inch sections of brush in the following sizes:
  • 5.25-inch diameter brush
  • 4.25-inch diameter brush
  • 3.25-inch diameter brush
  • Commercial Sample Pack: Designed for larger commercial gutters found on schools, churches, industrial and metal buildings, this pack features three, six-inch sections of brush in the following sizes:
  • 8-inch diameter brush
  • 6.5-inch diameter brush
  • 5.25-inch diameter brush

The Perfect GutterBrush Leaf Guard Fit

Measuring your gutters is a good place to start for finding the right fit, but actually trying the different sizes is even better. This way you can ensure the gutter protector brush fills the width of the gutter without the brush bristles being overly compressed.

Unless the outer edge of your gutters are higher than the edge of your roof, as is the case with some commercial buildings, it can be desirable for the brush to have a raised or crowned bristle profile. This means it sticks up a shade higher than the outer edge of the gutter. When the brush is sticking up, it's easy for the wind to blow leaves off the brush before they accumulate.

How to Install Your GutterBrush Leaf Guard

Once your GutterBrush Leaf Guard Sample Pack arrives, all you need to do is unpack it and install it. Installation requires no tools and no cutting. Simply remove the length of brush you wish to try in the gutter, and insert it into place. You're done.

Give all three sizes a try to see which provides the fullest fit without being overly compressed. When you've determined the best size for your residential or commercial gutters, your next move is to then order a full package of your selected size.

But that's down the road. Right now your priority is to order a Sample Pack to get the sizing down right. Place your GutterBrush Leaf Guard order today.

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