How to Measure your Gutters

Measure your gutter across the top from the back where the gutter meets the home to the outer edge. (See photos below)
Most residential gutters will measure approximately 5 Inches across the top with the actual opening being approximately 4.5 inches. 


    If your gutter style and measurements matches one of the images above, click that image to view more information and place your order.    Page down to see additional gutter styles.  If you still do not see your gutter style, order sizing samples (3 sizes per box) to determine which size GutterBrush best fits your gutter.

    Fascia Gutters:

    Do you have Fascia Style Rain Gutters? (Depicted below, common in Western U.S.) CLICK HERE for information about how our gutter guard works with Fascia gutters. Fascia Style gutters come in a few different configurations and we have found that most fascia gutters, and the sizes shown below, are protected best when outfitted with Standard GutterBrush for 5" gutters, which has an actual diameter of 4.25 inches. 

    5" Fascia Gutter actual pictureFascia gutter measurement and profileFascia Style Rain Gutter profileWhite Fascia rain gutter installed on building



    Half Round Gutters:  

    GutterBrush customers love GutterBrush protecting their 5"  and 6" half round gutters!  This historic ornamental gutter style (depicted below) has made a huge resurgence in recent years.   Sizing samples are available to check the optimal fit, but in most cases the 5" half round gutter requires Standard GutterBrush for 5" Gutters while the 6" half round gutter requires Oversized GutterBrush for 6" gutters.   Yes, much of the GutterBrush is visible above the gutter; GutterBrush customers say they love the function, and the fact that the brush is neatly visible is an excellent and interesting conversation piece for those strolling past the house.

    Half Round Gutter Profile in 4", 5", 6" sizes

    Metal or Steel Building Gutters: 

    GutterBrush comes in sizes that fit steel or metal building gutters.  Metal building gutters have many  different profiles, so we can not show them all below.  The profile of the gutter varies based on the slope of roof.   With metal building gutters, you want to fill the width of the gutter as best as possible without overly compressing the bristles.  You may not be able to accomplish having a crowned or raised bristle profile, because often because with metal buildings, the front  edge of the gutter is designed to be even higher than the roof drip edge; because the front edge of the gutter is strapped to the upper portion of the roof panel ribs.

     metal building gutter actual picture jpg imagesteel metal building gutter jpg image

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    Custom and other Gutters: 

    GutterBrush comes in 5 sizes, of which the actual bristle diameters are 3.25", 4.25", 5.25", 6.5" and 8".  Choose the size that best fills the width of your gutter without overly compressing the bristles; a "crowned" or raised profile is desirable but not imperative.


    Still Not Sure Which Size Is Best For Your Gutters? Get 3 samples in one box. Request one of our new Residential or Commercial Sizing Sample Packs


    image of sizing samples for residential or commercial, 3 sizes per box


     Sizing Sample Pack

    NEW! - Download / Print Our Simple Sizing Chart / Cut Out - Click Diagram Below

    GutterBrush Size Chart Diagram, concentric circles of all 5 GutterBrush diameters for self scissor cutting
      Sizing Chart / Cut Out - PDF                                     

    Most Common Residential Gutter Guard Sizes:

    Our packaging contains mostly 3 foot lengths along with a couple 18 inch sections to make it easy to fit various gutter lengths without the need for any cutting or tools. 


    Specialty Gutters - Small, Commercial, Industrial Gutters:

             - Industrial 8" Gutters, custom gutters, metal buildings, storage facilities.

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