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5 Inch Gutter Guards

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Technical Details

Part Number B082DK5N9G
Item Weight 12 ounces
Product Dimensions 36 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches
Item model number SIN-30FT
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Size 5 Inch - 30 Ft.
Color Black
Material 5 Inch Standard
Item Package Quantity` 1
Certification certified frustration-free
Batteries Included? No

5 Inch Gutter Guard (Standard)

Most common size. Perfect for residential homes with common gutters. 

Brush diameter = 4.25 inch

Packed In Easy 3 Ft. Lengths

Packs also include 2 x 18 inch sections for use where shorter lengths are needed. Combine packs for total footage needed.

Durable Quality Construction Since 2004

UV Protected Bristles - Galvanized Steel Wire

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Within Continental U.S.

  • Made in the USA

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Gutter Leaf Guards For Standard 5 Inch Gutters

Protect your home's gutters and drainage system effectively with GutterBrush Gutter Guards, specifically designed to fit standard 5-inch residential gutters. These easy-to-install gutter guards are perfect for preventing debris buildup while ensuring optimal water flow.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Fit: A 4.25-inch brush diameter to protect 5-inch gutters.
  • Easy Installation: Simply slide the brushes into your gutters; no special tools required.
  • Debris Barrier: Provides a strong defense against leaves, twigs, and other obstructions that can cause clogs and water damage.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Easy to remove and maintain.

GutterBrush stands out as a superior alternative to traditional leaf filters and gutter screens, allowing water to flow freely while effectively blocking debris. This innovative design reduces the need for regular gutter cleaning, preserving the flow and functionality of your gutter system.

Additional Benefits:

  • All-Season Protection: Designed to handle all climates and compatible with any roofing material.
  • Durable and Effective: Guards your gutters against leaves, debris, birds, rodents, and the elements, ensuring they remain flowing and functional.

Upgrade your home’s gutter system with GutterBrush's innovative leaf guards. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your gutters are protected from clogs and leaks with a product that blends efficiency with simplicity. Choose GutterBrush gutter guards today—the smart choice for safeguarding your 5-inch residential gutters.

Easy Fast Gutter Guard Installation Just Slide Into Gutters

Easiest Installation - No Tools

Just slide 3 foot GutterBrush lengths into existing rain gutters. No tools, cutting, fasteners or modifications to the roof or gutter system.

GutterBrush fills the gutter keeping leaves and debris out while allowing water to flow through the protected gutter channel.

Try the Trial Pack

Use our Trial Pack to confirm that GutterBrush fits your gutters and enhances maintenance before investing in full coverage.

  • Measure

    Measure gutter across the top from the back to the front lip. Most residential gutters are 5 inches. Calculate the total footage of gutter protection needed and select packs to meet total footage needs.

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  • Install

    Simply slide lengths end to end filling your gutter channel. Can be bent around corners and folded back into itself to create shorter custom lengths. No tools, cutting or fasteners needed.

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  • Relax

    Enjoy peace of mind and more time to relax. Say goodbye to the hassles of clogged gutters, frequent cleaning, and potential water damage. GutterBrush is protecting gutters 24x7

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Need Another Size?

Is the 5 inch gutter guard not the right fit? Browse our selection of gutter guards in various sizes to ensure you find exactly what your home needs.

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6 Inch Gutter Guards (Oversized)

Best for oversized gutters on large residential gutters or commercial gutters.

Actual Brush Diameter = 5.25 Inches

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4 Inch Gutter Guards (Small)

Best for Mobile Homes, Sunrooms, etc.

Actual Brush Diameter = 3.25 Inches

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