Large Gutter Guards

GutterBrush comes in large sizes to fit the following types of Gutters (sizing samples available)

  • Metal Buildings, Steel Buildings
  • School gutters
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Large Custom gutters whether commercial or residential
  • Super Gutters and Pool Screen gutters
GutterBrush inside a commercial metal building gutter

Recommended for these larger gutters are the following GutterBrush products

  • Industrial 8" GutterBrush, has an actual brush diameter of 8"
  • Extra Large 7" GutterBrush has an actual brush diameter of 6.5"
  • Oversized 6" GutterBrush has and actual diameter of 5.25"

FITTING:  When fitting gutters with GutterBrush, you would like to fill the width of the gutter as best as possible without overly compressing the bristles.  It is desirable, however not necessary, for the brush to have a "crowned" or "raised profile" higher than the outer edge of the gutter, so that the wind can purge leaves, however achieving the raised profile is not always possible or necessary for the following reasons

  • Many metal building gutters have an outside gutter edge that is actually higher than the roof drip edge, thus in such a situation it would not be desirable nor practical to have a raised bristle profile higher than the outside edge.
  • With many gutter styles, the width of the gutter is a different dimension from its height , thus the raised profile may not be achievable because the brush profile is round.  Example: a gutter that is deeper than it is wide, may not be able to achieve a raised profile, it should be sized to fill the width of the gutter as best as possible without overly compressing the bristles.  GutterBrush is, in itself, a protected flow channel, therefore it will protect gutters well even without a raised profile.

Getting the right GutterBrush product for your gutter:  In order to decide which GutterBrush will work best inside your gutter, you can measure the inside dimensions to determine which GutterBrush product will best fill your gutter without overly compressing the bristles.   Such can be a challenge because many of gutters have complicated shapes with multiple angles and corners. The best way to be sure you purchase the best size is to set 3 different samples in the gutter as follows.

  • Buy our commercial sizing sample pack ( SKU smp-com ) which contains 6" length samples of our 3 largest commercial sizes: free of charge limit one per customer, however we do ask for  payment to cover shipping. (currently $8.95 to ship).
  • When you receive the samples, set each one in the gutter and decide which size best fills the gutter without overly compressing the bristles   Be careful to purchase the commercial sizing samples and not the residential.   Click here to go to Sizing Samples
  • Another option is to print and use our sizing chart to (scissors) cut out circles that match the diameter of each of our brushes, set these circles into the gutter to determine the best fit. Click here to go to the sizing chart
  • Call for support and advice 888-397-9433 (25 years of roofing and gutter experience) or email with your question.  

More about metal building gutters, steel building gutters.   Customers love GutterBrush for their metal building gutters because installation is simple and it keeps gutters from clogging.  People with these types of gutters are very limited because other gutter guard products are not appropriate for these gutter configurations, do not fit, and require labor intensive work in order to customize the gutter guard to fit continuously.  Most metal buildings have gutters which the front edge is much higher than the back edge and also higher than even the roof drip edge; they are built this way for aesthetics, so that when looking from the ground you do not see the ribs of the roof.  For gutter strength they typically strap or hang the outer front edge of the metal building gutter, to the upper portion of the roof panel ribs, therefore, the market has many varying/different gutter profiles and measurements depending on the slope of the roof. The building is actually more aesthetically pleasing with the high gutter edge hiding the roof drip edge.  Unfortunately, when such a gutter clogs and fills up with water, often the gutter is at risk of leaking back into the building because the rear edge is lower, therefore the natural  path of least resistance is to leak back into the building.  Customers love GutterBrush because they need a system to defend the gutter from clogging so they can avoid these leakage problems.   To continue to foreve avoid gutter clogs, at some point Gutterbrush can be easily renewed because there are no fasteners; simply remove the brushes, bang the debris out, clean the gutter and re-install GutterBrush.

As an additional benefit, click here to also learn how GutterBrush is used to decrease winter icing and improve winter gutter performance.