Gutter Guard for all Gutter Attachments

Gutter Guard for Various Gutter Attachment Types:

Need a Gutter Guard for Hung Gutters ? 

Gutterbrush works and installs EASY!  No trimming!

The method by which gutters are attached, affects whether or not common gutter protection devices, screens or covers can be adapted.  For example, gutters that are hung from rods or straps have benefits, but they are extremely challenging to fit with a gutter screen because these gutter hangers are "in the way" requiring  time consuming custom fitting and cutting around every rod or strap hanger. 

cu hung gutter from roof sideshot of strap gutter hanger and rod gutter hanger

Custom fitting a gutter guard around each gutter hanger is a huge labor cost during the original installation, but really hurts later every time maintenance is required because removal and reattachment for maintenance, gutter problem solving and cleaning, can be far more time consuming than the original installation; with fasteners leaving holes in the gutter, fascia or roof.   GutterBrush works extremely well in these situations requiring no trimming, tools or fasteners; just slide GutterBrush under the hangers one after the other filling the entire gutter: fast and easy.

maple seed helicopters stuck in a gutter screen

When gutters are hung from the roof by hangers such as the ones below, customers love GutterBrush because it fits properly and installation is fast and easy.  Below is  a "vampire hanger " and a "strap hanger"; both specialize in hanging the gutter from the roof drip edge.  GutterBrush is a great gutter guard for hung gutters.

vampire gutter hanger and rod-n-nut gutter hanger white background  16:9


Click here to go to "Fit My Gutter";  see the entire "Fit M Gutter" menu to measure for GutterBrush.

Gutter Guard for Cradle Gutter Hangers:

 cradle style gutter hanger


Above is a k-style gutter hanger of the cradle variety, notice how the hanger wraps or "cradles" the gutter.  GutterBrush installs easy and works great with cradle gutter hangers.

pvc plastic gutter with cradle sgutter hanger

Above is a PVC gutter in the "K Style"; with a cradle style gutter hanger.

Gutter Guard for Strap Hangers

Below is a picture of a gutter strap hanger which attaches to the center of a cross bar gutter hanger. Gutterbrush is a great gutter guard for strap hangers.

strap gutter hanger with hidden hanger for gutters that hang from the roof drip edge


Gutter Guard for Vampire Hangers

Vampire hangers are like strap hangers but they are made of threaded rods and nuts also called rod and nut hangers or rod-n-nut hangers.  The term vampire hangers comes from the fact that when installed they hang the gutter downward and may resemble the vampire's teeth.  The strap hangers or rod and nut hangers, put the weight of the gutter onto the first roof board rather than hanging the gutter from the fascia board.

Below is a close up of a typical k-style gutter hanger also known as hidden hangers or crossbar hangers.  Notice the hole at the center to adapt to hung gutters ( gutters hung from the roof).  This hanger is commonly also used for gutters that are fastened directly to the fascia by attaching through the back with screws.

hidden gutter hanger aka crossbar gutter hanger

Below is a half round gutter hung from rod-n-nut hangers.  People with half round gutters love GutterBrush - Gutter guard for half round gutters.

half round double bead copper gutter with cross bar hanger and rod-n-nut hanger

 Why hang a gutter?

Gutters are hung from the roof typically for two reasons.  Most commonly, the building has a crown molding or some ornate molding and does not have a solid stable full fascia to which to attach the gutter.  If you attach the gutter to a crown molding, the weight of the gutter may rip the molding off the building, therefore, when the fascia is not adequate for gutter attachment, the gutter is hung from the roof for strength.   Additionally, gutters hung from the roof will never leak!  Since the gutter is not attached to the fascia, it is hanging entirely outside the building so even if it back up and pours over the back side, it will never leak into the building. A gutter hung from the roof is a very smart way to install gutters; it is like house jewelry.

gutter hung from metal roofing using rod and nut hangers and cross bars


This page is under construction; future elaborations to include installing rod-and-nut gutter hangers properly recessed into the roof drip edge so that they do not cause a lump  or an unsightly bulge in the roof shingle starter course.