Gutter Guard for Custom Copper Box Gutters

GutterBrush keeps custom gutters and copper gutters from clogging.custom brake formed flat locked soldered 16 ounce lead coated copper box built-in gutter with clog protection

GutterBrush itself is a protected flow channel, so regardless of shape, when the custom gutter, box gutter or built-in gutter is filled from end to end with GutterBrush, the water flows between the bristles; like a leaf filter,  and the gutter will not clog.

lead coated copper custom architectural gutter with gutter clog protection brush

As in this architectural designed custom lead coated copper gutter with glass outdoor roof panel, custom gutters come in all different configurations, shapes and sizes.    Fit  your gutter with the optimal clog protection size by measuring the gutter profile, or simply order sizing samples to check the fit yourself.  Click here to  order sizing samples.

Gutter guard with custom copper gutter on EPDM rubber flat roof with lead coated copper drip edge

above: Gutter clog protection in custom brake formed lead coated copper custom gutter on EPDM flat rubber roof.

Copper Gutters and Electrolysis Damage from dissimilar metals:

Custom gutters are often composed of copper or lead coated copper.  Copper must be separated from other dissimilar metals, otherwise electrolysis damage can occur.   Electrolysis and damage from dissimilar metals is not a concern with GutterBrush because it can be installed such that only the UV protected polypropylene bristles are in contact with the copper, and the galvanized core is never touching the gutter.   Measure your custom copper gutter for clog protection or get sizing samples.

custom built-in copper gutter with gutter guard protection

Typical screens and gutter protection covers will not work and will not fit custom gutters, and nobody would ever want to make holes in an architectural gutter just to install clog protection.  GutterBrush gutter guard solves clogged gutters without even touching the roof, making any holes or installing any fasteners.  It is easy to install and easy to renew in this Custom Brake Formed 20 Ounce Lead Coated Copper Box (built-in) Gutter with flat locked and soldered seams.