Gutter Leaf Guards For Fascia Gutters

Fascia Gutter Leaf Guards

Fascia style gutters are popular residential rain gutters in the Western United States.  Fascia gutters are usually deeper than traditional K-Style gutters and have larger drainage capacity that works extremely well in conjunction with GutterBrush.  They have a flat, clean, sharp design and appearance that resembles the outer fascia boards on most modern homes.  F.Y.I. the fascia is the trim board along the roof drip edge line where the roof transitions to the outer walls of the house.

GutterBrush Leaf Guard fits Fascia Gutters and provides excellent gutter protection to prevent clogged gutters and reduce gutter cleaning. 

Fascia Rain Gutter Profile Diagram

Typical Fascia Gutter showing Measurements
Fascia Style gutter image 5 inch


   Fascia Style gutters come in multiple different configurations, which are quite similar to the above drawings.  While we have found that all of the above depicted size fascia gutters work best when outfitted with standard GutterBrush for 5" gutters, which has an actual diameter of 4.25 inches, one smart way to assure that you get the best fit would be to order a residential sizing sample kit which includes three sizing samples.  Once you receive the three samples, you can set them into your gutter to confirm which size best fits your gutter.   With fascia gutters, the GutterBrush is supported by the sloped face of the gutter, leaving plenty of space below the brush for additional free flowing water.   Click here to place an order for sizing samples.    Click here to see all Gutterbrush products


White Fascia Gutter on a home
Inconsistency of Gutter Measurements:   While other gutter styles are named for the horizontal measurement across the top of the gutter, fascia style gutters are named for the measurement of the face of the gutter.