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Gutter Screens & Covers Wont Fit: Unique Gutters

Gutter Guard Scenarios which GutterBrush is ADORED.

GutterBrush solves clogs in common gutters, but there are scenarios in which GutterBrush is cherished as the only available practical spouting clog protection.

failed gutter screen in k style aluminum gutter

Below are scenarios in which other available gutter clog protection devices, screens and covers are not practical or impossible to install.   

Gutters Hung from the Roof: 

Commonly,  gutters  are fastened directly to the fascia board, but some gutters are hung from the roof using strap hangers, vampire hangers or rod-and-nut hangers aka (rod-n-nuts with hidden hangers).

gutter screen wont fit this k style copper gutter hung from roof with rod and nut hangers, no leaf guard

If hung from the roof, gutters are impossible to fit with a gutter screen or cover, because the installer would have to trim or notch around every gutter hanger.  These customers love GutterBrush because it can be slid under the cross bar hangers fast and easy with no tools or fasteners and the UV protected bristles spring back into place to create the raised profile.  Click here to fit a common gutter that is hung from the roof.

Sun Rooms, Patio Covers, Car Ports, Lanais, Prefabricated Rooms

Prefabricated structures, for example Four Season Rooms, have unusual gutters that are impossible to retro-fit with common gutter protection devices mainly because the front edge of the gutter is higher than the roof drip edge.

prefabricated four season sun room patio room with clogged gutter

Often, the poorly designed prefabricated room gutter doesn't even provide enough space to fit your hand in there to clean the gutter.  Gutterbrush stops these prefabricated gutters from clogging while other gutter guard devices can not even be customized to fit these unusual and different gutters.  Click here to fit a prefabricated room gutter

Metal Building Gutters

Steel Building Gutters are very different from common gutters.  They are strapped from the front edge of the gutter to the roof.  In order to install typical gutter covers and gutter screens, the installer would need to notch or cut around every single gutter strap; after all that work it still will not fit or function properly because the front edge of the gutter is so high compared to the roof drip edge.

metal building gutter guard need for this steel building clogged gutter

Customers with steel buildings and prefabricated metal buildings such as Morton Buildings, love GutterBrush because there is no trimming and there are no fasteners.  When other devices are not practical GutterBrush makes sense because it stops clogs and is fast and easy to install & maintain in unique gutter systems.   Click here to fit a steel building gutter.

Super Gutters for Pool Screen Enclosures

Super Gutters are unique and different in size; supporting the weight of the pool screen cage structure, so standard gutter leaf guards don't fit.

Gutter Guard for Super gutter for pool screen enclosure  needed,  leaf filter needed

Slide GutterBrush simple leaf guard into Super Gutters or Structural gutters so that debris can not clump, flow and clog.  Gutterbrush acts as a leaf filter while rain water flows to downspouts.

Samples for Fitting: Fitting these unorthodox gutters with GutterBrush is easy if you get residential or commercial GutterBrush sizing samples: 3 sizes in one box.    Click here for sizing samples