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4 INCH GUTTER GUARD - 120 FT. (3.25 IN. DIA.)

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3.25 inch diameter brush fits small gutters. Mobile homes, Sunrooms, etc.

Packed In Easy 3 Ft. Lengths

Packs also include 2 x 18 inch sections for use where shorter lengths are needed.

Durable Quality Construction Since 2004

UV Protected Bristles - Galvanized Steel Wire

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Within Continental U.S.

  • Made in USA 10 Year Warranty

    Made in the USA


Leaf Guard for Small Gutters

Small gutter leaf guard fits when other leaf guard guard products won't fit. Sm. Gutter Brush - 4 In. Gutters, 3.25 Inch. diameter

  • Sun Protected Bristles, weatherproof core - long lasting
  • Fits k style 4 inch, PVC gutters
  • Carport gutters, Awning gutters 
  • Gutters on Patio Rooms, Mobile Homes
  • Lanais, Four Season Rooms, Sunroom gutters

Smaller size. Measure your gutter or get leaf guard samples.

From the best gutter guard company making gutter guard installation easy since 2004, just slide our gutter leaf strainer under the cross bars...NO TOOLS!

Brush Leaf Guard Pack Contents:

Included:  120 Ft. (4in-24Ft)

35 x 36 Inch and 10 x 18 Inch Sections of 3.25 Inch Dia.

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Small gutter guards for mobile homes carports awnings sunroom gutters

Sunrooms, Lanais, Carports, Mobile Homes

4 Inch Gutter Guard 3.25 inch Diameter

Your best Gutter Guard choice to protect SMALL gutters where other gutter guards won't fit.

Simple DIY gutter guard to for small gutters often found on carport gutters, patio covers, sunroom gutters, lanais, and mobile home gutters.

Long Lasting UV Protected Bristles, Galvanized core

4 Inch Small Seamless K gutters, PVC gutters

  • Measure

    Measure gutter across the top from the back to the front lip. Most residential gutters are 5 inches. Calculate the total footage of gutter protection needed and select packs to meet total footage needs.

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  • Install

    Simply slide lengths end to end filling your gutter channel. Can be bent around corners and folded back into itself to create shorter custom lengths. No tools, cutting or fasteners needed.

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  • Relax

    Enjoy peace of mind and more time to relax. Say goodbye to the hassles of clogged gutters, frequent cleaning, and potential water damage. GutterBrush is protecting gutters 24x7

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1436 reviews
alison S.
The wider 6 inch are the best!!

Since I replaced my new gutters with wider gutters, I needed to get the 6 inch gutter guard brushes! They are perfect and they work. I love the staff at gutter guard, and how they helped me make the right decision! Thanks guys, Alison

You are very welcome! Thanks for being such a great customer !

Joel R.
Just finished installing

I will let you know how they are doing in the fall. They were installed in two large awnings with gutters. That’s why I needed the smaller brush. One gutter gets bombarded by small leaves from early August to late fall. The other gutter gets the normal regular tree leaves in fall.

Thanks for getting our smallest size. Please tell your friends about our simple product 888-397-9433

Kerry M.
Go smart and go simple!

GutterBrush just made my life simple and easy by installing it in my new gutters. The simple design is so easy to use and does the job of allowing the water to drain while stopping leaves and other debris from entering the downspouts.

Thanks! Let us know if you need anything!

Jorge R.
It was worked for years Love it!!!

I have all my barn gutter's with GutterBrush and I have never had a clogged gutter for years except.... I had a gutte put on later about a year ago and did not think about it till it clogged up this year. I measure it, 36 feet, so I ordered the 36 feet, somehow I am 6 inches short!!! I'll figure it out. I ts a great product that works!! and it is easy to install.

Thanks for being a GREAT customer!

James B.
Need a reliable gutter system

I live in Florida for seven months of the year and Ohio for the five summer months. In Ohio, one of my gutters is directly under a fir tree that drops needles all of the time and clogs the downspout. One of my other gutters is under a tree that dropping quite a few leaves both in Spring and Fall. Being in Florida for seven months, I need a system to keep my gutters from clogging when I’m gone.
The GutterBrushes came as ordered and arrived a few days after ordering. They were easy to install and I’m hoping they work as advertised. I’m using this summer to decide if they work or not. If they truly work well, I’ll order brushes for my other gutters before I head South for the winter. Thanks.

Thanks! Gutterbrush keeps gutters from clogging! Thanks for testing it out! 888-397-9433