Metal Building Gutter Guards - 8 Inch Diameter Brush

GutterBrush fits the unique shape and size of metal building gutters, sculptured gutters, pole building gutters and other situations where traditional gutter screens and covers can not be used.

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Gutter guards for commercial gutters

Looking to decrease or eliminate gutter cleaning while keeping the gutters on your metal building or commercial building free from frustrating and expensive gutter clogging ? Are you searching for gutter protection because typical gutter screens, gutter helmets and gutter covers wont fit your gutter profile? Are you looking to keep your underground gutter drains and runnels from clogging with gutter leaves. You found it with the 6.5-Inch or 8.0-Inch diameter GutterBrush Leaf Guard for commercial, industrial and metal buildings. Fill the gutter with 3 ft. lengths of the best gutter guard, GutterBrush, and you are done! Its that easy!

More an more metal building owners are looking for gutter guards, because the tree lines are growing taller and closer every year, and more metal buildings are being built for other purposes such as residences called Barndominiums. GutterBrush is a Barndominium gutter guard.

GutterBrush's low-maintenance DIY gutter guards are constructed of a durable, long lasting twisted in wire, U.V protected brush that you simply slide into the full length of your gutter. The brush gutter protection keeps out gutter leaves, twigs and debris while letting the rain water flow freely through your commercial gutter, metal building gutter or any large gutter. Each box includes 36-inch lengths and a couple 18-inch pieces that install easily to keep water flowing through your gutter.

Available in two different commercial gutter size widths, you can go for the 6.5-Inch diameter GutterBrush Leaf Guard for Large Commercial 7-Inch Gutters or the 8.0-Inch diameter GutterBrush Leaf Guard for the largest 8-Inch Gutters found on Metal or industrial buildings. Both gutter guard designs come with two different length options:

1) 7-Inch GutterBrush: Comes in boxes with 18' and 27' and 36 foot options; has a 6.5-inch diameter.

2) 8-Inch GutterBrush: Comes in boxes with 15', 18' and 27 foot options; has an 8-inch brush diameter.

Shop our brush leaf guards for gutters below. Get multiple boxes based on your gutter size and total gutter footage needed. While the large and extra-large GutterBrush Leaf Guards are typically not the size for your residential home gutter, you will find the larger brush sizes ideal for:

1) Metal Building Gutters, Steel Building Gutters

2) Pre-Engineered Building Gutters, PEB Gutters

2) School gutters, Church Gutters

3) Commercial and industrial facilities

4) Super gutters or pool screen gutters

5) Custom Box gutters

6) Barndominium Gutters

Fitting Large Commercial and Industrial Gutters

Fitting Large Commercial and Industrial Gutters

For products recommended for metal buildings, click here.

Measuring your commercial grade gutters is the fastest way to gauge the size you need. The 7-Inch GutterBrush is designed for gutters of that size, but it can be placed in a larger gutter and still prevent clogging. The 8-Inch GutterBrush also solves clogs and keeps water flowing in a larger 9-inch custom gutter.

You want to fill the width of the gutter as fully as possible without overly compressing the bristles. In some cases it may be desirable for the brush to have a crowned or raised profile, which is slightly higher than the outer edge of the gutter. This allows the wind to purge leaves from the brush. The raised profile is not always necessary and not possible in many metal building gutters.

When a raised profile of the brush is not desirable or possible:

1) Some commercial buildings have a raised gutter outer edge that is actually higher than the roof drip edge. Having a gutter brush raised higher than the roof drip edge is usually not desirable.

2) Many gutter styles have a gutter width that is different than the gutter depth. If a gutter is taller than it is wide, a raised profile would not be possible.

FITTING - Get Sizing Samples

Getting the right size:  To decide which GutterBrush size will work best inside your gutter, you can measure the inside dimensions to determine which GutterBrush product will best fill your gutter (without overly compressing the bristles.)   Such can be a challenge because many  gutters have complicated shapes with multiple angles and corners. The best way to be sure you purchase the best size is to set 3 different samples in the gutter as follows. 

1)  Buy our commercial sizing sample pack ( SKU smp-com ) which contains 6" length samples of all 3 of our largest commercial sizes: for $ 9.95

2)  Once received, set each sample in the gutter and decide which size best fills the width of the gutter without overly compressing the bristles   Be careful to purchase the commercial sizing samples and not the residential.   Click here to go to Sizing Samples

3)  Another option is to print and use our sizing chart to (scissors) cut out circles that match the diameter of each of our brushes, set these circles into the gutter to determine the best fit. Click here to go to the sizing chart

4)  Call for support and advice 888-397-9433 (25 years of roofing and gutter experience) or email with your question.  

What Else You Need to Know

The only other important info to know is how easy the GutterBrush is to install. No tools, fasteners or cutting necessary. The brush arrives in pre-cut sections you can insert and fold into existing gutters. Order your Large or Extra-Large GutterBrush Leaf Guard today.