Collection: Mesh Gutter Guards

mesh gutter guards
mesh gutter guards clogged
The biggest problem with linear gutter guards like  mesh gutter guards and gutter screens and and gutter covers, is the fact that they restrict the gutter opening and make it more difficult for especially the fast rain water to enter the gutter.  Due to the tiny holes, mesh gutter guards and micromesh  or mesh gutter guards often cause the faster rain water to skip past the gutter.  The faster rain water comes during the heaviest rain storms, and that is when you need gutter protection.  The issue with rain water missing or overflowing the gutter becomes worse after the gutter guard becomes dirty or covered with leaves and debris build-up, which can be often, soon and common.  Even stainless steel mesh gets dirty, and the gutter guard mesh holes, openings or apertures become smaller and more restrictive of water entry.  When the rain water flows down the roof fast, the gutter guard acts like a ramp shooting the water past the gutter.  Click here to learn more about these expensive and often problematic products. 

Gutter Guard Problems

The problem with all gutter guards is that they cause the water to miss the gutter, this can happen even when mesh gutter guards are clean and brand new.

Mesh Gutter Guards and the Design

Mesh gutter guards are a new concept.  The design is a tight weave.  They are trying to keep every spec of debris out of the gutter.  When you try to keep all debris out, you are over-reaching and will also keep the water out. Sure, slow low volume water will be there long enough to filter through

Leaf Guard Filters

Beware, all filters require cleaning and some require cleaning soon and often in order to continue to flow. Leaf Guard filters can require frequent visits with the ladder in order to brush them, off so that the rain water will enter the gutter.

Better Gutter Guard Design:  Emphasize water entry

No other gutter guard accepts water better than GutterBrush!  The GutterBrush gutter guard design emphasizes the importance of getting the rain water into the gutter.  The leaf guard brush bristles extend higher than the front edge of the gutter to draw the water into the gutter.  Even debris that may be stuck in the bristles, acts to draw the water into the gutter.  Yes debris will also enter, but the gutter will continue to flow.  Custom ers love GutterBrush since 2004.   At some point, all gutter guards require gutter guard cleaning and GutterBrush is the easiest gutter guard installation so its very easy to renew too!

Mesh Gutter Guards Alternative

Due to the lower installed leaf guard cost, ease of installation with no tools or fasteners, and the fact that the GutterBrush leaf guard bristles actually draw the rain water into the gutter far better,  homeowners looking for micro mesh gutter guards often purchase GutterBrush to keep their gutters from overflowing and clogging. For help measuring for gutter guards, click here.    Below are the most common GutterBrush products recommended for those looking to buy gutter mesh.