Collection: Gutter Guard for Large Gutters, Church Gutter Guard

8 Inch Industrial Brush Gutter Guard For 8 Inch Gutters

8 Inch gutters can be easily protected from gutter clogs with our largest GutterBrush size measuring a full 8 Inches in diameter.  Its a gutter guard for large gutters, like a church gutter guard or a school gutter guard.  It solves clogs in any 8 inch gutter.

8" GutterBrush gutter guard is often used on Metal Building gutters, gutters of metal roofs and gutters on  Industrial Engineered Buildings.  8" GutterBrush is often also used in copper built-in box gutters because the plastic bristles do not react with the copper the way other dissimilar metals cause degradation and gutter electrolysis. 

Rain water flows off of metal roofs fast!   The rain water rushes so fast from a metal roof,  that it will often overshoot the gutter.  GutterBrush is often used not just for gutter clog protection, but also to tame the water that misses the gutter.   The raised profile of bristles can extend out the top of the gutter to grab the fast rain water and pull it to the center of the gutter.  The rain water wants to follow the bristles into the gutter.   GutterBrush accepts fast moving rain water better than any other gutter clog protection system.

Below see that 8 Inch Gutterbrush comes in boxes containing 27 linear feet, 21 linear feet and 15 linear feet.  All boxes contain 3 foot lengths and two 18 inch pieces for convenience.