Contractor Display Kit ($50 Refundable Deposit)

No Risk… $50 Refunded Upon Placement of 1st Order!

We want you to have this great display / sales tool free of charge to get started, but in the past when we offered them for free, we found that many people just requested them with no real plan or intent on using them.  They cost us much more than $50 each and we hope you can understand us asking for $50 as a "deposit" in confirming your legitimate interest.  We refund the $50 upon placement of your first order or you can also get your $50 back if you find that GutterBrush is not a good fit for you and return the display to us.  Thanks for your understanding!

GutterBrush Contractor Display Kit Contains:

  • 18" GutterBrush / Display
  • Extra Sample GutterBrush Sections
  • Brochures
  • Scratch Pads
  • Listing in Partner Map
  • Discounted Pricing / Profit Information
  • Etc.