Collection: Bird Gutter Guard; Pests and Other Uses

birds nest inside gutter clogging gutter, gutter guard for birds will helpHornets and bee hive inside gutter guard

Bird Gutter Guard, Pigeon Gutter Guard

GutterBrush is a bird gutter guard.  Of course it stops gutters from clogging with leaves and debris, but it is also a gutter guard for birds, pigeons, and bats.  Its a great way to stop birds from nesting in gutters as well as keeping other pests and undesirables out of your gutters. With GutterBrush in place, the birds can no longer splash around in the gutter and make a mess. 

Gutter Guard for Pests, Bats, Pigeons and Other Uses

We hear from customers all of the time like how GutterBrush stopped starlings from a cruel death, and how pest companies use Gutterbrush's quick pressure fit to keep small birds from nesting behind shutters due to an uneven stucco surface,  Or how 8 inch GutterBrush quickly fills the space beneath the deck to keep bats out.
Below are products recommended to keep Birds, pests, bats, pigeons and other unwanted creatures out of your gutters and other spaces.  With the pressure fit, GutterBrush stays where you put it.