Trench Drain Filter

GutterBrush isn't just for gutters! It can also provide a simple solution to keep debris out of your trench drains and channel drains. Bristles fill the channel and prevent debris from entering the drain and causing a clog.

Discover how GutterBrush can protect your trench drains from clogging. Our happy customer, Paul M., found the perfect solution using the 3.25” diameter GutterBrush. Initially used for his pergola gutter, he later applied it to his pool's 3” channel drain, effectively preventing leaf and debris build-up. Protect your entire drainage system by simply filling it with GutterBrush.

Available in 5 size diameters to fit a variety of trench drain and channel drain sizes.

5 Brush Diameters To Fit Many Drain Sizes

3.25 Inch - 4.25 Inch - 5.25 Inch - 6.50 Inch - 8.00 Inch Diameter Brushes

3 ft. lengths for easy installation and maintenance.

Protect and Filter your Trench Drains with GutterBrush

Trench drains are used anywhere from driveways to swimming pools; anywhere there is a need to efficiently manage water flow on surfaces that might be prone to water pooling.  They are also known as channel Drains and NDS Drains.   Anywhere water flows, it is prone to carrying debris and that is where customers rely on Gutterbrush for the easiest trench drain strainer.

Improve Your Trench Drain Grates

The Trench Drain Grate is supposed to stop debris from entering the trench drain or channel drain, but unfortunately leaves, debris, pine needles, tree buds, and pollen can flow into the channel drain grate and cause clogging and an unnecessary expense.  People need to keep debris from clogging the trench drain, but Trench Drain Grates are expensive!

If leaves and debris are entering your trench drain grate, simply fill the entire trench drain with the correct diameter Gutterbrush to filter the debris before it enters the drainage pipe and causes an expensive clog.  You could purchase a new trench drain grate with smaller debris openings, but they are far too expensive so you might as well just fill the trench with Gutterbrush.

  1. Remove the trench drain grate.
  2. Measure the pipe down inside the trench drain.
  3. Purchase the appropriate size dia. of GutterBrush to fit and fill the entire trench drain.
  4. Slide Gutterbrush into the trench drain filling the entire length of the drain.
  5. Re-install the trench drain grate.

There are all sorts of trench drains out there being referred to mostly  as NDS Drains, Trench Drains, and Channel Drains.  What these all have in common is a long length wise drainage pipe with an open end that is exposed to the weather and infiltration from water, dirt, leaves and debris.  If one were to allow such debris to flow into the trench drain unhampered., eventually the owner would be faced with having to dig-up or excavate the drainage pipes if a roto rooter type service can not solve the trench drain clog.   The makers of these trench drain grates or channel drain grates can not create a “one size fits all” because some areas have very small debris dropping from the trees while other areas have different debris falling.  The main purpose of the trench drain is to allow water flow while the main purpose of the trench drain grate is to stop debris.  When your trench drain grate openings are too large to stop your debris,  simply fit and fill the drain with Gutterbrush; easy to install and easy to maintain eventually too.  Gutterbrush is a DIY trench drain filter.   So whether its the trench drain surrounding your pool, running across your driveway or a slot drain in your warehouse, just fill the entire drain with Gutterbrush to solve clogging problems.  GutterBrush is a full length trench drain strainer that will solve clogging and keep your drain flowing.

  • Pool Deck Drainage

  • Commercial Trench Drains

  • NDS Channel Drains