Collection: Gutter Leaf Guard Sample Pack - 6 Ft. Trial Pack

Here are a few great options to confirm your gutter guard brush size, and also see and feel the simple design and quality construction for yourself.  Try one of our Gutter Brush Sample Packs for Residential or Commercial Gutters, or our 6 Ft. Trial Pack for Standard 5 Inch Gutters or for oversized 6 Inch gutters.

Leaf Guard Samples

3 Brush Sizes in One

Below are GutterBrush sample packs.   Use the sizing sample kits which come with 3 brush sizes per box, to set into the gutter and compare the brush guard fit.  Getting 3 brush sizes in one box enables you to both check the fit as well as to experience the quality of the product and the high tech flexible bristles.

6 Ft. of Brush Gutter Guard

Rather than getting 3 different brush guard  sizes in one box, you also have the option purchase just 6 linear feet  to try it out in your gutter.   6 Foot Trial packs are limited to one per household because GutterBrush pays for the shipping to get these smaller packs into your hands, and 6 foot packs have a nice low introductory price so you can try it out before  filling your gutters.