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Gutter Guard Samples - Residential

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Short Sample Sections To Confirm Fit

Actual Brush Diameters:

  • 3.25 in. - Small 4 in Gutters
  • 4.25 in. - Standard 5 in Gutters
  • 5.25 in. - Oversized 6 in Gutters
  • 6.50 in. - Commercial 7 in Gutters
  • 8.00 in. - Industrial Metal Building Gutters

6 Inch or 18 Inch Sections

Residential Samples - 6 Inch sections (3 sizes)

Master Sample Pack ALL - 18 Inch sections (5 sizes)

Durable Quality Construction Since 2004

UV Protected Bristles - Galvanized Steel Wire

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Within Continental U.S.

  • Made in USA 10 Year Warranty

    Made in the USA


Gutter Guard Samples - 3 sizes per box:

Residential: 3.25", 4.25", 5.25" Diameters 

Due to under-pricing, samples are not discounted during sales and promotions.

Includes 6 inch lengths, 3 diameters in one box for fitting in your gutter.  

    Standard GutterBrush packaging contains 3 foot lengths along with a couple 18 inch sections to make it easy to fit most gutter lengths with simple gutter protection without the need for any cutting or tools. You can fold the last piece.

    For optimal fit and best results place samples into your gutter and choose the size that:

    • Fills the width of the gutter
    • Crowns above the gutter top creating rounded profile  (if possible)
    • Does not overly compress bristles. 


    • 4.25” Diameter - Standard 5” Residential Gutters 

    • 5.25” Diameter - Oversize 6” Residential Gutters


    • 3.25” Dia. - Leaf Guard for Small 4" Specialty Gutters ie: Sunroom, Carport
    • 6.50” Dia. -Leaf Guard for Commercial 7" Gutters ie: Pool Super Gutters, Metal Buildings, etc.
    • 8.00” Dia. - Leaf Guard for Industrial 8" Gutters ie: Engineered Metal Buildings

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    • 3.25 Inch Diameter Brush

      To fit and protect the smallest gutter systems typically found on mobile homes, sunrooms, carports, awnings and lanais.

      Shop Small GutterBrush 
    • 4.25 Inch Diameter Brush

      The most common size gutter found on typical homes. Often called the 5 inch k-style, ogee or fascia style gutter. Our top seller!

      Shop Standard GutterBrush 
    • 5.25 Inch Diameter Brush

      Designed to fit and protect 6 inch oversize gutters found on newer homes with large roof areas and commercial gutters

      Shop Oversize GutterBrush 
    • 5.25 Inch Diameter Brush

      Designed to fit and protect 6 inch oversize gutters found on newer homes with large roof areas and commercial gutters

      Shop Oversize GutterBrush 
    • 6.50 Inch Commercial Brush

      Protects large commercial gutters and super gutters found on metal buildings, schools, churches, pool enclosures and more.

      Shop Commercial GutterBrush 
    • 8.00 Inch Diameter Brush

      Our largest size - Protect metal building gutters, Pole barns, Sculpted Eave, industrial gutters and large box gutter systems.

      Shop 8 Inch GutterBrush 
    Easiest gutter guard installation no tools required

    Fast Easy Installation - No Tools Needed!

    Simple, effective gutter protection anyone can install. Just slide 3 ft. lengths into gutters end to end.

    Brushes can be bent around corners or folded back to create custom lengths without any cutting.

    • Measure

      Measure gutter across the top from the back to the front lip. Most residential gutters are 5 inches. Calculate the total footage of gutter protection needed and select packs to meet total footage needs.

      Read More 
    • Install

      Simply slide lengths end to end filling your gutter channel. Can be bent around corners and folded back into itself to create shorter custom lengths. No tools, cutting or fasteners needed.

      Read More 
    • Relax

      Enjoy peace of mind and more time to relax. Say goodbye to the hassles of clogged gutters, frequent cleaning, and potential water damage. GutterBrush is protecting gutters 24x7

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1430 reviews
    GINA K.
    Excellent product

    Great idea and easy to install!

    Thanks! Let us kn ow if you need anything! 888-397-9433 Please come again!

    H W.M.
    H. W. Mckaig

    Has worked out fine

    Thanks for being a GutterBrush customer! 888-397-9433

    Colin C.
    Good Decision

    Although I left a review on Amazon I will submit another review. I ordered several different samples of gutter guards, so to speak and experimented with them all on/in the gutters. Initially the ones on the house came with approximately 1/8th inch triangle mesh screw installed guards. We have trees I will also note. Each year I still had to remove the screens to clean out composition roof granuals and mud that accumulates from dust. In addition rodents, during the winter months would build nests with assorted debris. We have a single story, 2000 square foot home with approximately 140 feet of 6" gutter. Actually I finished installing the gutter brush system only yesterday. I did learn at the 90 degree bends it is best to butt rather than bend or bend back double the ends to fill the void. Rodent wise there will be not issues. Most certainly I will have to use the leaf blower on occasion and still clean some debris. Pulling the brush out is a non issue if necessary. A 6 foot A ladder allows me to do that. I did order a sample pack initially to be sure I was comfortable with the application. $ wise the best value on the market in my book.



    Haven’t had it long enough to evaluate, check back in the fall of the year and I will tell you how well the product works.

    Scott M.
    Great product. Easy to install

    Just put in the gard. Very easy! Think it will work great.

    Thanks! Protect downspouts, or better yet fill a whole gutter with 3 foot lengths. for 20 years!