Collection: 6 Inch Gutter Guards

Most gutters are 5 inch, but many, these days, are larger 6” gutters. The easiest way to avoid gutter clogs is with our simple brush 6 Inch Gutter Guards, 5.25 Inch diameter.

  •  EASIEST! No Tools! Slide under brackets
  •  Longest Lasting Leaf Guard, over 15 yrs!
  •  6 Inch Gutter Guards for 6 “ K Style Seamless Gutters, standard gutters
  •  Leaf guard for 6” half round; aluminum or copper
  •  Raised bristle profile for leaf blow off
  •  Protect Larger residential 6 Inch gutters, commercial 6 Inch gutters
  •  No roof interference, Easy to Renew

6 Inch Gutter Guards, Gutter Guards for Large Residential Gutters

“ Should gutter guards be installed under shingles? “ Installing 6 Inch gutter guards under shingles can damage your roof, void the roof warranty, and will require too much expense when it is time for gutter guard maintenance and cleaning when it gets dirty and causes rain water overshoot. Keep it simple with the best  6 inch gutter guards, GutterBrush. Our leaf filter costs less than most installed gutter leaf guard prices. So don't bother learning how to put leaf guards on gutters, because our leaf guards for gutters are self fitting, require no fastening, and they don’t even touch the roof making 6 inch gutter guard installation a snap! So get your gutter leaf guard prices, and then do it yourself with GutterBrush.


Product: Oversize GutterBrush Guard for 6 Inch Gutters

Application: Larger K Gutters, 6 Inch Ogee Gutters

Bristle Dia.: 5.25 Inches

Leaf Guard Fastening Required, Tools Needed: none

Weather Resistant Core, Sun Resistant Bristles, 10 Yr. Warranty

36” lengths and a couple of 18” pieces comprise all packs

Combine packs for needed footage

Footage packs: 12 ft. (6in-12ft), 36 ft. (6in-36ft), 60 ft (6in-60ft),

“Tried and True” since 2004! Made in USA

Below are samples and recommended 6 Inch Gutter Guards,  GutterBrush for 6 inch gutters has a 5.25" diameter.