Residential Steel Building Easy Gutter Guard

Residential Steel Buildings and an Easy Gutter Guard

As lifestyle preferences change over the years, so do the places that we call home. More specifically, the layout, style, and design of our houses change throughout each decade. In recent years, rustic and industrial style buildings have risen in popularity. This, combined with the increased costs of lumber and other materials traditionally used to build houses, has spawned a new trend in real estate.

Property owners and home-buyers are flexing their innovative real estate muscles by converting things like industrial metal buildings and barns into cozy residences for them to live in. Sadly, with innovation oftentimes comes bumps in the road. Although building a barndominium or converting an existing building into one can help you save money on lumber costs, maintaining it requires a slightly different approach. Since these buildings have an industrial structure and style in nature, some features aren’t as suitable for residential areas, leading to problems such as gutter clog and drainage issues. An Easy Gutter Guard is an ideal solution to prevent clogged gutters on these trendy new metal building structures.

Here, we discuss the impactful benefits of adding an easy gutter guard  for your residential steel building or barndominium.

Increased Popularity of Steel Buildings

There’s an unquestionable financial advantage to using steel buildings as residences. Who doesn’t want to save money, especially during turbulent economic times like these? First-time homebuyers are gravitating towards a different, more rustic, and more affordable alternative to a living space. The buck doesn’t stop here. Companies that buy houses are also diving into this steel building trend. Real estate investors and entrepreneurs are purchasing old industrial buildings and barns with the vision of converting them into barndominium short-term rental properties.

Don’t be surprised if you see industrial buildings sold in your neighborhood that are being converted into residential homes. The increased demand for industrial buildings has boosted commercial real estate sales. Even if the industrial building or barn isn’t in great condition, companies that buy and flip houses are still showing interest. Whether the property has mice problems or roof leaks, the seller will likely receive decent offers. Home-buyers are trying to capitalize on the steel building and barndominium trends. However, they must adjust their typical maintenance protocols for the property, including gutter protection, in order to keep the building in good condition.

Trees and Metal Don’t Mix

Years ago, metal buildings were only used for commercial and industrial use. However, now manufacturers are improving these designs and functionality for residential use, enabling them to become more mainstream. Unfortunately, these buildings previously used for commercial purposes are entering uncharted waters. In the past, they were not often built near tree lines. As they shift toward more residential usage, problems like clogged gutters – that weren’t originally an issue – are now becoming plagued owners of these buildings

PEB Gutter guards and gutter clog protection were never necessary before people started inhabiting these metal buildings. Now that they are often being used for residences, they are being erected in neighborhoods with trees in close proximity. Steel buildings are Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) with many great features, and have large strong gutters. Unfortunately, due to the unusual shape of PEB gutters, typical standard gutter guards and leaf guards do not fit and will not work on steel buildings.

Steel Building Easy Gutter Guard

An entire rainwater overflow system, including the downspout, leader pipe, and storm drain can get overrun by  gutter leaves from trees and eventually clog. An Easy Steel Building Gutter Guard helps protect larger gutters oftentimes found on industrial steel buildings. Without adequate gutter protection, your steel building can experience clogging, resulting in compounding damages over time. Although the original use of these buildings was industrial, you must treat it like a residential home as it transitions into exactly that.

Accounting for potential issues, like clogged gutters and storm drainage problems, can help you avoid future damages to your property. Imagine renting your barndominium to an Airbnb guest and receiving a call that the gutter is toppling over. That’s not a phone call any property owner, landlord, or Airbnb host wants to get. Avoid clogged gutters by being proactive versus reactive. Consider installing an Easy Steel Building Gutter Guard to protect your industrial building’s gutters.
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