Metal Roof Gutter Guard

Metal Roof Gutter Guard

Best Gutter Guard for Metal Roofs

Metal roofs, aka standing seam metal roofs, are very common these days even on residences, and they can put additional burdens on gutters and gutter guards.  The smooth nature of the metal panels create unique requirements.
  • The gutter must catch faster flowing rain water
  • Faster water can tend to miss the gutter.

For years, Gutterbrush has gained wide acceptance as the only gutter guard system that  fits and works well solving clogs in metal building gutters.  The GutterBrush gutter guard system is also of the best gutter guards for metal roofs, due to some very specific characteristics.  The GutterBrush gutter guard system catches and accepts water from the roof better than any other gutter guard.

The Biggest Problem With Leaf Guards:  The biggest problem with gutter guards is that they become the reason that the water does not enter the gutter.  Most gutter guards are designed to focus on, and emphasize keeping debris out of the gutter, thus they also end up keeping the water out of the gutter.

Rain Water Speed:  Rain water runs faster off of metal roofing.  Gutter guard screens, micro mesh gutter guards and gutter helmet type covers, are devices that attempt to keep tree debris out of the gutter by restricting the size of the gutter opening.  These devices, often made of metal, are leaf guards that extend in a linear fashion to the outer edge of the gutter.   In the attempt to keep debris out of the gutter, they also act as a ramp that keeps the fast water out of the gutter.  Whats worse, when these gutter guards for metal roofs get moldy, dirty, or when wet sticky leaves and debris lay across the device like wet cereal, the rain water shoots down the roof, bounds over the wet leaf mat, and cascades past the gutter splashing to the ground.

Will gutter guards work with a metal roof?   Yes , gutter guards can work with a metal roof but since metal roofs shed water faster, many types of leaf guards can exacerbate the rain water run off and gutter overshoot problem.

Retrofit Metal Roofs:    Often, a new metal roof will be installed over the old roof which is referred to as a layover roof or a retrofit roof.  When a retrofit metal roof has been installed,  the contractor does not always install a new metal roof gutter.  It can be common to install the new standing seam metal roofing and re-use the existing gutter without repositioning or re-sloping the gutter.  Due to the fact that the metal roof is installed on top of the old roof, the new smooth metal roof surface is now raised a little higher than the old surface.   With the new metal roof surface being smooth, the rain water run off flows down the roof much faster.  Combine the faster water speed with the fact that the new roof drip edge is now a slightly higher position, and you find many situations where the water overshoots the metal roof gutter rendering the gutter useless.

Bristle Technology:   GutterBrush is a different kind of leaf guard.   GutterBrush is designed to tackle the biggest problem in the gutter guard industry which is the fact that other gutter guard designs do not accept water into the gutter adequately in fast water, dirty or gutter debris situations.  Such is the biggest problem, therefore Gutterbrush has been deliberately designed to focus on carrying the water into the gutter.  Install GutterBrush by simply sliding it under the gutter brackets or gutter hidden hangers; once you slide under the hanger,  the bristles spring-up  back into place creating a raised or "crowned" bristle profile up a little higher than the edges of the gutter.  The raised leaf guard bristles carry and even draw the rain water into the gutter making GutterBrush the best gutter guard for accepting fast moving water.   Fill the entire gutter to solve gutter clogging problems.  Sure, some debris will get lodged in the bristles but the gutter will not clog because individual pieces of debris do not cause gutter clogging.  GutterBrush stops debris from clumping together and flowing to create a larger plug that flows and clogs the gutter outlet.

Brush Leaf Guard Raised Bristles Solve Gutter Overshoot:  Due to the speed of the rain water coming from the metal roof, the fast water has a great chance of missing the gutter entirely.  Customers call GutterBrush ( 888-397-9433, ) often,  explaining that they need a gutter accessory that will stop the fast rain water from overshooting past the metal roof gutter . People buy GutterBrush as a gutter overshoot solution because the raised bristles extend higher than the outer edge of the gutter so the bristles extend upward to intersect, block the fast rain water, and draw or guide the rain water into the center of the gutter.  The water naturally follows the bristles.

Since 2004, made in the USA, GutterBrush offers 5 diameter sizes to provide a leaf guard for any metal roof gutter size.  To fit our simple gutter guard with your gutter size, visit our " How to Measure " page or  click to order sizing samples to check the fit and compare leaf guard sizes.  Call 888-397-9433 or email for leaf guard service.

Alex O'Hanley

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