hail storm leaf guard damage

Leaf Guard for Hail Storms

Gutter Guard for Hail Storms

GutterBrush does not sustain leaf guard damage or gutter guard denting from Hail storms, but other metal gutter guards do get damaged and dented when a hail storm passes through.   GutterBrush's bristles are flexible, so the pieces of hail ice do not cause damage to our simple leaf guard.

Colorado Springs has frequent hail storms due to the geographic lay of the land, the weather, and the mountains.  Due to the frequent occurrences of hail storms, the large size of hail ice chunks, and the damage they cause, Contractors in Colorado Springs are often following the hail storms with proposals to repair the hail gutter guard damage.  They explain that metal gutter guards, microscreens, leaf guards, gutter covers, helmets and gutter mesh sustain extensive leaf guard damage from hail storms, however GutterBrush does not.  Pieces of heavy hail ice fall from the sky like rocks, and they cause denting and damage to everything they hit including roofs,  gutters and gutter guards. Therefore repair contractors in Colorado Springs, and anywhere Hail storms are prevalent, will replace metal leaf guards with GutterBrush.   GutterBrush simple gutter guard keeps the gutter from clogging, requires no tools or fasteners for the simplest and fastest leaf guard installation imaginable, and it does not sustain damage or denting from hail storms;  therefore it is considered a great hail storm gutter guard!    So if hail storms are prevalent in your area, and you are looking for an easy way to keep your gutters from clogging, check out the hail storm leaf guard: GutterBrush.  Made in the USA since 2004, after over 17 years, GutterBrush is now one of the most accepted simple method for keeping gutters flowing properly. GutterBrush offers 5 sizes of leaf guard to fit any size gutter. Click here for sizing samples.    To learn more, click here to visit the GutterBrush home page.

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