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Gutter Guard for Metal Building Gutter, Calls Increased 2020-2021

Our gutter guard product for metal building gutters has seen a continued robust increase in calls and demand growing steadily through 2020 and continuing through the current spring of 2021.  It might appear we have attracted some attention from the metal building community, but why is our gutter leaf guard solution for Butler and Mueller metal buildings all of a sudden causing an uptick in gutter clog protection footage?   Could it be Covid and the stimulus checks being spent on metal building upkeep and storm drainage problem solving?  I doubt it.  Could it be that the most divisive and polarized political environment is causing a citizen retreat to increase repairs to Metal Pole Barn gutter overflow; probably not.

Possible reasons more steel building gutter cleaners are looking at GutterBrush is because it is the easiest gutter guard for metal building gutters which is very important when you consider that

  • Most Steel Building Gutter’s front edge is too high and a gutter screen problem.
  • Metal Building Gutter Clog Overflow can come back into the building.
  • Gutter Screens wont fit metal building gutters, the gutter straps are in the way.

Forty years ago, steel buildings were almost never built near a treeline because they were entirely a commercial structure which would typically be surrounded by parking lots and roads, therefore, they could afford to send the storm water down the downspouts and into the in ground storm drainage system without concern for expensive and damaging in ground storm drain clogs and blockages. These days metal buildings are being built for all sorts of purposes; even residential metal buildings with gutters, therefore they are bound to have more trees in close proximity causing clogging havoc and the need for regular and continued gutter cleaning.    And of course since then in those blacktop covered areas from 40 years ago, trees have crept closer and grow larger causing exponentially more gutter and drainage clogging leaves and detritus each year.  Back then, a salesman had visited our construction office and was trying to sell us either a Butler or a Mueller metal building franchise. When asked about the upkeep later in the lives of the buildings, he replied, are you kidding, at this cost, you could just dispose of the decaying building in 40 years; some sales pitch!  I am sure nobody wants to dispose of those buildings 40 years later, but I am also sure gutter maintenance is mounting and trees are closing in on many metal buildings causing gutter problems that must be dealt with.

  • People need gutter guards for metal building gutters.
  • Trees grow before you know it, never clogged before but it will now.
  • Steel Buildings are built closer to tree lines now.
  • In ground storm drainage needs to be protected from clogs

Could this be the reason for increased metal building gutter guard demand?  People are regularly going on the internet and searching phrases like “ What’s the best gutter guard for my metal building gutter? “ and they are calling and asking “ Do you have a gutter guard for my metal building? “   The reasons for the increase, are all of the above practical reasons in addition to the fact that the internet allows people to search all products and they are searching for a gutter guard for metal buildings because they genuinely need to solve their gutter problem; and common gutter solutions will not work.   Additionally, Goliath companies are leading the gutter guard industry spending huge amounts of money sending gutter owners to websites like and increasing general gutter guard awareness, but those products don't fit metal building gutters.  Those visitors are receiving gutter guard comparison and they become fantastic gutter guard shoppers looking at all of the alternatives with very high expectations towards decreasing metal building gutter maintenance.  So what has really changed, is that more are asking “is there a metal building gutter guard that works?”

  • People are searching the internet for gutter guards for metal buildings in high numbers.
  • Metal building gutters need a solution for birds, bats, and critters too,
  • GutterBrush stops metal building gutter clogs, and installs easy.
  • Just fill the entire gutter with 3 foot lengths and leave it in 

Customers are finding that there is a gutter leaf guard for steel buildings and it is simple; they need the effective  clog protection, this product installs fast and easy, its easy to maintain, and nothing else fits.  It just makes sense. Click here to learn more about our large gutter guards.

Alex O’Hanley

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